Doug, 9″ Park 6 Now Online

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Update: Noon- The Doug set is now sold out. According to @VMKingdom, they were gone at 3:45 AM. So they were on sale for about 25 minutes. I hope more people got them this time because of the limits!

Did you get one??

The update was a little late, almost 3:20 AM before it arrived, but thanks to a tweet by @Vinylchaser, we all started to purchase our Dougs.

Interesting note: I was only limited to purchasing up to 2 of these. So hopefully these will stay around for a while.

For those who want to reach the $75 free shipping, you can also order one of the two 9″ Park 6 figures that came out today. Animal Kingdom Crate and Davy Crockett.

What do you think of this release?

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  • I can’t seem to get 1. It says: “The product you have selected cannot be purchased at this time.”

    Ummmm anyone else seeing this?

  • i didnt get mine it sold out in 2 minutes i checked out at 12:22 and it said removed oh well, i hate u ebay scabs i checked ebay right now out of curiousity and found a scab with 8 pcs avalable his name is spoiledsponge8 …….i hate online releases sooooo much ugghhhh

  • It appears they handled the release better so far. I think we got ours, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  • Like the Animation 9″ the Park 6 9″ are not listed under “Vinylmation”. I found the Davy Crockett by searching “Davy”…

  • So I guess I’ll be waiting on the cancellation email from Disney then. Surely they didn’t foul this up again.

  • whats really strange though and you guys should try this because it worked for me type in davy and then go to the top and click on vinyl figures and then scroll down to doug and click on the picture and press add to cart but only buy one and it let me process it which is really weird

  • i think there is just glitching with the system because so many people are trying to buy them @ the same time try it in quick view not the actual page we totally need to boycott ebay and then this wouldnt happen if people didnt even attempt to sell on ebay cus they knew no one could buy it maybe theyd stop trying i dont know worth a shot

  • It is 3:30am (Central time here in Chicago) and the Doug Vinylmation I think is sold out.

    I get an error message saying “The Product you selected cannot be purchased at this time. So, I am going to assume that means they already are sold out!

    • I’m in Springfield, just a little south of you and I placed my order at 3:00 and I was able to add to cart and pay. I got a “thank you” e-mail for placing my order. We will see if another one comes or not.

  • Site says SOLD OUT at 4:00am CDT.

    Disney changes to NEW mold – STRIKE ONE
    Disney sells out of Goof Troop/Doug within minutes – STRIKE TWO

  • How is Disney selling out of a Vinyl quickly a strike? They imposed limits and you still complain? The scalpers are going to figure out a way to beat the system, they always do, look at concert tickets – scalpers always manage to buy a lot of tickets even when there is a limit.
    I think people are seriously underestimating the demand for these items even beyond what the scalpers are managing to get. Vinylmation has gotten pretty big in the past year and a half. There didn’t even use to be as many active websites as there are now if that’s any indication. Its quite possible that regardless of the scalpers this set was going to sell out quickly … just as I predict the next set will too. Was nice as a vinyl/Doug fan that doesn’t live anywhere near Florida (1,800 miles) that I got a chance to get a set. Even with limits imposed at the in-store sales its possible for the scalpers to just get 10 of their “friends” to join them in line and buy them.

    • VT,

      Last time I checked, I am free to convey my frustration anyway I please (that is legal). If I don’t perceive that Disney Store is doing a good job of distribution of these Disney Afternoon sets, then I am free to voice that. Just like you complaining that I am complaining. This about Disney, not me.

      I don’t know the answer, but I do know that there are better ways to distribute product that is fair to every one WHO COLLECTS. I sell things on ebay, so I am not knocking that process, but I am TIRED of those who make a living at it hogging the hottest products. I am old school in the resolve area. My way to combat this is to make a list of ebayers, who consistently abuse the process, and NOT BUY from them. Ironically, two of them that had Doug up for sale last night in quantities, are people that I have bought from before. As a seller/business, you should have some moral compass, those who don’t, don’t get my money. Even Walmart, has morals. They don’t sell porn, hard liquor, illegal drugs. That’s where they draw the line. Disney sellers should have some morals and not buy everything out from under their customers/friend’s feet. There are some mighty big ($) Disney sellers out there that don’t step on people’s toes and are successful doing it. Those guys are standup. The others are on my DO NOT BUY FROM LIST. If enough people don’t buy from them, prices will go down, and they will figure out another way to make money to support themselves that doesn’t cirmumvent the spirit of collectibles.

      I am all for some RSP or one per customer address/credit card for these Disney Afternoon sets. It shouldn’t be this hard to get a $25 piece of plastic.

      • Brad,

        VinylTiki never said you couldn’t/shouldn’t or weren’t allowed to express your opinion they just posted their opinion in the form of a question.
        I do believe you took something as a personal attack that wasn’t written that way at all.

        BTW – Walmart may not sell hard liquor or porn because of a Moral Compass (or more likely for good PR and bottom line) but I do believe they don’t sell illegal drugs because they are…illegal

      • Brad – you’re more than welcome to complain I’m not saying don’t. I’m merely pointing out that even if Disney does/has institute a one order per credit card/address – that won’t stop the scalper from having his “friends/cohorts” buying their limit as well. Sure it’ll discourage it because it would potentially cut into their profit, so Disney is doing good there. Maybe Disney could figure out who these sellers are and simple refuse to sell from them – it would be a temporary fix because I’m sure if their motivated enough they’ll get around it.
        I’m in agreement with you there are some bad apples that ruin this for everyone – but I’m a bit lost on how Disney can in all reality fix that. There are a ton of ways around the limit if someone is motivated enough to do so.

        I think its clear that 500 isn’t enough for these afternoon sets – every single set has gone pretty quickly and all have sold out. Its not unrealistic to assume that the demand for these was much higher than supply and getting one from Disney is going to be difficult, unless the supply is increased.

  • I agree, The Disney Store has been proactive here in making changes to establish the limits so more people get a chance to purchase and prevents those who just bought 50 sets to sell.

    Some people will beat the system, and while unfortunate and shady it’s perfectly legal and if their is a market for it (which their is) then it will still exist

    I think the Ebay bashing of Vinylmation auctions is getting to high. I don’t think there should be any issue with the following situations in which people sell on Ebay:

    1) In the case of LE sets, I don’t see anything wrong with someone purchasing their two sets with the intention of keeping one and selling one. Especially if someone is willing to pay double the retail price, you end up getting your set for free. That’s just a good deal.

    2) Case Sales – You can tell that there are many people who buy a full case and then sell any duplicates they don’t want on ebay. Sometimes this is as the Full Set of 11 without a chaser, other times individually. While many people prefer to keep the dupes for trading (especially those in Orlando & Anaheim) others prefer selling to make some of the investment back. I would also say that a lot of this type of ebay seller ends up putting the money they make from these sales back into the purchase of additional Vinylmations.

    I think that the secondary market community is important because it raises (even if sometimes artificially) the buzz about our hobby and as long as you monitor who you are purchasing from then everyone wins.

  • I was able to finally get a set, this went very smoothly for me. My status still is “Active” this morning. I thought the system was better improved. Even if I didn’t get it, oh well, they are just toys. Kudos Disney for the improvements.

  • I agree with brad ,let’s make it easy no more LE ‘s I seriously grew up watching doug and I still love that show. I bet more than half the people that got one has never even seen an episode until they looked it up on youtube last week oh well I still love doug

  • Note to everyone disney dosent care and never will they still make money no matter what whether one person buys one or if they buy all thousand they get paid regardless just my opinion

  • Actually I believe Disney does care. The keep the brand growing and expanding they would like as many people to get their hands on them as possible.

    That being said the also want some of the sellers to put this on the secondary market for the free additional buzz and inflated value to drive sales of the LE’s and Regular series as well.

    Disney’s perfect world would balance Sellers, Collectors, and the Casual Buyer. For the brand to be most successful and sustaining over the long period you need to have all three in a balance.

  • My daughter and I are so disappointed … My order went through this early am after midnight before 1 am … Thinking we got them , I received an e-mail this pm saying that they over sold and that my order was canceled.
    They could at least sent one so my little one still can have hers. They sent me a code for 5 off for it. Kinda bummed out but more surprised some company like Disney would allow this to happen. It’s not like it’s their first time …

    • Same thing happened to me. I was buying one for my son who loves Doug. I got him hooked (bought the dvds from amazon). Order went thru and then yesterday got an email saying they over sold them and gave me a $5 code. Sorry Disney, the 5 bucks doesn’t even cover shipping costs on any order. So disappointed.

  • I waited up all night to get a set and i sat there watching the page, they def don’t make it easy. My heart was racing the whole time during the checkout process. I managed to get a order confirmation for 1 set (which is all i wanted). I really love Doug and grew up with Doug watching the show. I hate that people didn’t get them who got their order in and I wish there was some way to solve this issue with ebay-ers.

  • Unfortunately no company would be able to control who is buying their product online. Disney makes every effort to ensure that the process is fair and has listened to their costumers by limiting quantities. The money hungry ebayers can’t be stopped as much as we would all like that.

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