Spotlight On: Disney Store Artist Gerald Mendez

All this week, we are taking a look at the Disney artists behind the Robots Vinylmation series. Make sure to check out Robots Explained, Robots Uncovered and Podcast Ep. 30 for more Robots coverage.

Gereld Mendez
Senior Designer
Photo Copyright Disney

After his graphic design education in Mexico City, Mexico, Gerald Mendez came to the US in 1986 where he undertook the challenge to master as many techniques as possible to improve the quality of his work, including Professional Airbrush and Digital Illustration. In 2006, Gerald joined the Disney Store team and recent he created Ignition Bot, Security Bot and Steampunk Bot from the Vinylmation Robots series.

Ignition Bot 3″

A fan of fantasy art of all kinds, Gerald has an extensive collection of unique collectible figurines including custom airbrushed Vinylmation. He even airbrushed an amazing snowboard with all the Disney Villains! In his spare time, Gerald operates his art studio called “Aerografika” in Chino, CA.

What are some other Vinylmation Gerald Mendez has designed?

NYC Graffiti
NYC Exclusive
Old Witch
Villains 1
Julius 9″
Villains 1
Minnie Mouse Jr.
Villains 1
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