Winnie Pooh-Looza!

Disney Animation’s 51st feature film, Winnie-the-Pooh, finally hit theaters in the United States today. In an age dominated by computer animation, Pooh is a nostalgic trip back to the hand-drawn style. The animation looks like a classic Pooh film converted to high definition for the modern age. If you liked any of the antics of the Hundred Acre Wood gang in the past, then you’ll absolutely adore the latest chapter. I won’t get into too much of a review, but if you are a fan of Winnie the Pooh or just the art of animation, it’s a must see. With that being said, we continue the WDWNT tradition with a look at the film, in case you missed any of the hype leading up to the release:


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8 years ago

Until this point, I thought they were just going to pretend Harry Potter didn't exist. This is literally the first time i've seen disney reference our not-so-beloved universal wizard. Props to them for those ads, I genuinely laughed out loud. Also, I can't wait to see this movie because like Tom says above, I'm ready for a nostalgia trip. It's an added bonus to me that the title is simply "Winnie the Pooh". When they announced this film, I started cringing at the thought of possible titles given the multitude of Pooh adventures before it. Overall, thank you disney for… Read more »

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