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Hello everyone! Yesterday we found out that a Small World Vinylmation Jrs. Series is going to be released around the time of D23 (21 days – I am SO excited).

I think it was such a smart idea to make the Jrs 4 Series be Small World themed, it works perfectly.

I am going to throw out some possible Small World characters that we could see in this series. And instead of including pictures for all of the mentioned characters, I linked to a video below. We have a few hints and previews so far so lets begin with those!

Young boy – I love the way Thomas Scott designed this figure. It makes me so excited to see what else we have in store. I love that he decided to put the flowers in each Mickey ear to make sure people understand this little boy is a part of Small World and not just a random boy Vinylmation.

Tiger – I am so happy that animals are going to be included in this set. The tiger figure looks perfect. Everyone that sees this will know he is from the Small World ride.

Hippo – Funny story, as I was typing up this article at 12am PST, Vinylmation.com posted this picture to help me out, of the Jr. Series 4 box. As we all know whatever figure is on the box, is a part of the set. With that said, our third confirmed character is the Hippo from small world!

After seeing the Hippo, I am thinking that half of the set is going to be children and the other half popular animals and memorable parts from the classic ride. There are so many children and animals in the classic Disney ride that they could have chosen from. Here are a few that stuck out to me and will hopefully be a part of the series!

The Polar Bear – this guy you can find when the ride begins. He is part of the Artic/North Pole section of the ride.

Eskimo – the same scene that has the polar bear, includes the Eskimo children fishing.

The next section of the ride is Scandinavia/Canada. In this section there are many children to choose from. A few that stuck out to me are, the children dressed in band uniform with the tall black hats, one of the children dancing as you enter this section and also maybe one of the acrobats. This way each section has a child to represent the language.

The next section is Europe. This section includes:
The British Guards
The Can Can Dancers
The Goat on top of the hills
The Children in the tulips
The Children ringing bells from the clocks

Then we enter Asia where you will find,
Young Girls with Tambourines
The snake charmer boy
Young Asian children with Kimonos
Panda Bear

The next scene has many characters and animals that could be used for the set. Including,
The colorful Zebra
Tiger (already confirmed)
Hippo (already confirmed)
Young boy drummer
Young girl dancers
Giraffes with flowers

Latin America is the next section of the ride that includes,
Children with Sombreros
The sun

South Seas is the next section of Small World, which contains characters such as,
Ariel (wishful thinking.. but maybe the other mermaid that used to be in Ariel’s place?)
Hawaiian children
Hula Dancers
Platypus (not sure if that’s the right animal, correct me if I’m wrong)
The sparkly alligator with the umbrella
Children with tribal masks on

That is a lot of characters to pick from so here is my prediction. I think that this set is going to have a fair amount of children because children make this ride. I think the set will contain and even amount of girls/boys to represent each country/place that is represented in this ride. Along with the children I also think there will be animals that go along with the characters. Like the Panda, the Turtle, the Kangaroo, the Zebra etc. No matter what Thomas Scott decided for this set, I know it is going to be wonderful and I can’t wait to have them all!

Any other ideas please let me know, id love to hear them!

It’s a small world after all..

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i have a question…is it confirmed that this is a small boy…it looks an awful like a little girl with brads from like india or some asian country


i also think that it would be really cool if they also did the sea serpent…and the moon as well as the sun, the ballet dancers, and the ice skaters :D

Austin Reed
Austin Reed

as much as i love this set i am boycotting it if he doesnt include one of the hyenas they are my favorite from this ride have been since i was a kid and i think the most interesting as far as color palette goes

Austin Reed
Austin Reed

i meant zebra sorry i wrote hyena instead my bad


When looking at a WDW IASW video, there is a pink poodle (near the can can girls), think that would look nice on a vinyl. Also near the China section there is a lamb/sheep that could look cute. And in the African part there are frogs. However I would love to have a penguin with the little hats (that dance around). I prefer the animals rather than the children, but I think that’s because the children have always looked scary to me.


I saw on the vinylnation.net site that in addition to the kid, hippo, and tiger that have been revealed already the following characters will be included:

the frog, penguins, the clock tower and of course more of the kids.

Brad B
Brad B

It would be nice to see some chasers of some of the Disney characters that are blended in the Small WOrld ride at Disneyland like Ariel, Buzz, Woody, etc. I think there is 19 or so “regular” Disney characters on the ride. It would be a surprise.