Episode 033 Penny Machine

Ep. 033 Penny Machine
Z. Just kidding. Sure we talk about Z but we also discuss all the latest Vinylmation News including a Florida Project Cast Chaser, Room for One More, Alice, Lion King and more. We have the latest release and event dates as well. M.C. is off this week, so fill-in co host Chris joins Nick inside Blind Box Studios. This show is also the premire of the DV Roundtable. This week we welcome Matt from Vinylmation Kingdom and Greg from Vinylmation World.

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9 years ago

Downloading this one now!


9 years ago

I’m a “pick and choose” vinylmation collector too. ;) Those were some nice suggestions for the Spooky vinyls from Chris.

9 years ago

Thanks! Anything to spice up the halloween event, even if it is just in merchandise. I love the event don’t get me wrong, it’s just a little tiring seeing the same thing year after year. It’s a formula that works, yes. But, for those that go often, we need something new. If that makes sense.