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Rumors are circulating around that we could see the much discussed, yet not officially announced by Disney, Alice in Wonderland set as early as August 19 at the D23 Expo.

Unfortunately, figures like the one above have already shown up on eBay. This is the Green Hedgehog. We do know a couple things about this set. It should be a 12 figure blind box set. Should be exclusive to Disney Stores. And also seems to be designed by Thomas Scott. A rumored set list was also posted on Vinylnation. We speculated on some characters in a post back on May 30th. If this leaked list is true, between our guesses and your comments, we came close on a couple points. Check it out:
• White Rabbit
• Mad Hatter (w/ Variant)
• March Hare
• Dodo Bird
• Tweedle Dee
• Tweedle Dum
• Baby Oyster
• Caterpillar (neck attachment)
• Cheshire Cat
• Queen (w/ crown attachment)
• Hedgehog Green (Pink Variant)
• Dinah (Chaser)
• Crying Alice 9” + Alice Jr. + Clear Drink Me Jr. + Eat Me Jr.
• Walrus 9” + Carpenter 3”

What are your thoughts?

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    • Erica :I hope they are made using the old mold or I won’t purchase any of them.

      Judging by the photos on eBay the set will be in the new mold.

  • These are going to be fabulous! I hope the mad hatter has the actual hat! Like an accessory! That would be so awesome! :)

  • New mold = nope! All apologies to people sick of hearing it, but its just not the same. I really wished Lion King and this set were going to be old mold, I’d buy a case of each. Just not a fan and its depressing

  • Clea and Erica, I am with you girls. The new mold just does not do the trick. As much as I try to like it, it is just a stuffed chipmunk with big ears to me.

    Everyone knows if an artist tried to put a Mickey Mouse, that looks like the new mold Mickey, on a Disney T-Shirt or a Disney Entrance Sign, that cast member would soon get demoted to helping guests under 3 feet tall at an art table at Epcot World Showcase. So why has this new mold enamored Disney execs so? All they have to do is spend a little money to rework the molds at the factory that does the new molds and make them look more like Mickey Mouse and the old mold. It’s not rocket science to change these injection molds but more a tale that the vinylmation dept must spin to get folks to buy the new mold.

    Think about it….Would (or has) Disney trumpeted a release of Vinylmations as much as they did for Robots? They pulled out all of the stops; you had videos that obviously took some talent to produce, you had Disney Store cast members asking if I knew about the Robot release every time I turned around. They made up special Artist cards to be signed. Star Wars was the only thing close and that was just a big gathering with some heaters and Star Wars music. The new mold Robots release was like the m.o. for bad movies in theaters these days. If you see an ad on TV for a movie, you know it’s going to be BAD. Seems the same is true for vinyls.

    Disney, everyone will stop riding you guys cases if you will let us know that you made a mistake in judgement on these new mold monstrosities and are correcting them for future releases. There is a certain leader around that tries to tell us that the grass is blue and the sky is green and everything is better today than it was. To me, it seems Disney thinks we are all as gullible as said leader thinks we are.

    Bring back the old mold vinyls so we can spend our money by the hundred at Disney Stores on vinyls instead of a few bucks for a T-Shirt or toy.

  • Seriously, why does almost every post turn into a rant fest about the new mold?! It’s getting old. Either embrace the change, or don’t. It’s simple. Build a bridge…GET OVER IT! :)

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