ZoMG: New Wish-A-Littles at D23

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The countdown to D23 is on! These past few weeks Disney has been giving us sneak previews at what we can expect to see at the D23 Expo. This is all so exciting. The first Expo in 2009 was SO much fun. I can’t wait to see what Disney has in store for us this year!

Today I found out from my good friends over at Destination Vinylmation that Kidada Jones will be on hand at the D23 Expo on Sunday August 21st at 1pm to sign and take photos with guests, as well as debut the new fall Wish-A-Littles.

I cannot contain my excitement. As you have seen in some of my past posts, I am a HUGE Kidada fan. I was so excited when I heard about this collaboration with the Disney Store, and now we are finding out there is even more to come!!

The last set of Wish-A-Littles that were released were, Snow White, Cinderella, Tiana, and Belle. Now, the next set of Wish-A-Littles that are going to make their debut at D23 are, Ariel, Tinkerbell, Alice and Jasmine. These figures look incredible. They go perfectly with the previously released Princesses. I am so happy that Kidada decided to include Ariel – since after all she is my favorite. I will have to personally thank her at the Expo!

Here are some photos of the new Wish-A-Littles

My favorite. I love the way she designed this one. They all have that cute look like they are laughing and I love the small details she added to Ariel, like the flower in her hair. I will definitely purchase this Wish-A-Little at the Expo and maybe even have her sign it!
I love how her classic green dress fits perfectly on this mold. She looks adorable.
Now Alice is not an official Princess but we will let her slide because she looks so darn cute! I love the bow in her hair, this turned out perfect!
I love the colors on this one, especially the details on her headband and earrings. She looks beautiful.

Inside each Kidada Wish-A-Little there is a charm necklace. I can’t wait to see what each girl will have inside. Maybe Ariel will have a shell, Tinkerbell could have a wand, Alice could have the white rabbit, or maybe the eat me/drink me bottles; Jasmine could have the lamp or maybe even her kitty raja. The possibilities are endless.

I will be there in line to meet Kidada at 1pm; hopefully I will see you guys there!

I can’t wait to see what else will be available from the Wish-A-Little line when it debuts at the D23 Expo in Anaheim, California next week August 21st.


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10 years ago

we actually previewed the new line some time ago:


10 years ago

ohhhhhhh. super cute! im getting all of them, love this site