20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Review

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I was incredibly scared to go on this ride as a kid. But after I got a few under my belt (rides and years), it became a favorite… then, as fast as I fell in love with this classic, it was gone. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea was a favorite to many Disney fans and now artist Caley Hicks has masterfully captured the Nautilus in 9″ Vinylmation form.

The first thing I notice is the water line detail around the bottom third of the figure. The colors used to make all the details in this figure are really perfect. Caley had to figure out how best to wrap the giant squid’s arms around the sub. One curls up the front, while another, larger one, winds it’s way up the side and ends up in the ear.

There is no noticeable texture feel between the water and sub, but there is between the squid and sub. The squid has a glossy feel to it, so it stands out against the matte finish of the sub.

Every nail, porthole and the ridge up top all capture the feel of this beloved attraction.

This is a 9″/3″ combo that comes with a 3″ diver. I could very much do without the diver. Not that it is poorly executed by artist Jason Zucker, just not needed in my opinion and doesn’t add greatly to anything more than the price tag.

He is actually designed very well. The gloves and boots look great. The body suit is painted in gloss that gives they shiny effect you would expect.

The gem of this figure is the helmet. It is painted with a sparkle that gives it the metallic effect a helmet should have. And the gold paint around the mask has a brilliant color to it.

I always give Park Vinyls high grades, but I couldn’t think of how the sub could be done any better. Great job guys. And on a side note, I just got back from Disneyland where I was able to once again take a sub trip at a Disney park. This one Nemo themed. I had a smile on my face the whole time. The Nemo ride at Disneyland is extremely fun and enjoyable and helped bring back, if only a little, those Under the Sea memories at Walt Disney World.

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