Episode 037 Pongo Chaser Episode: The Florida Project

Ep. 037 Pongo Chaser – The Florida Project
This episode breaks down all The Florida Project announcements. There was a lot to cover, and at just under 2 hours, our longest podcast yet. From Alice to Park 8. From Disney Classics to Star Wars 2, we give you a first hand account of all the upcoming products announced and on display. Including… Project Z, or what is now Park Starz. We are also joined by Disney Artists Thomas Scott and Casey Jones.

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8 thoughts on “Episode 037 Pongo Chaser Episode: The Florida Project”

    • Lol!!! That was the very first P5 I was able to trade for, nobody wanted it but I didn’t have it, I think I gave up a HAL for it lol:)

  1. Awesome podcast as usual; however I just wanted to say that because of your exclusive and expanded coverage of The Florida Project this year, I truly felt like I was actually there! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I really appreciate that!

    • That’s Aaron. It was crazy and we had to give up some of the fun of trading to report on it, but with responses like yours, it makes it all worth while. Thank you for watching and listening!


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