Park Starz Series 1 Explained

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Release Date: October 21
Where: D-Streets (online in November)
Price: $18.95
Artist: Thomas Scott, Casey Jones and Lin Shih
Details: 12 figure blind tin set

Update: 10/12/11 Picture of Chaser added below. Signing at D-Street WDW on October 21 from 5p-7p with Thomas Scott and Casey Jones. Also announced, Park Starz will have “variants” but not in the blind tins. They will be sold as separate LE figures in 2012. One clue to one such variant is “he will be copper in color.” Hmmm, Partners statue is the first guess that comes to my mind. What about your guesses?

Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln
1964-PresentFirst debut at the World’s Fair.
Robot Butler
EPCOT 1983-1999Horizons took guests through a vision of tomorrow. Robot Butler has his duster in hand.

Ice Gator
Blizzard Beach Mascot
1995-PresentI love the look on this guy’s face. He has so much fun enjoying Disney’s finest water park. His counterpart, Lagoona Gator from Typhoon Lagoon will be in Park 9.

Big Al
Country Bears Jamboree
Magic Kingdom 1971-PresentBig Al steals the show at this Frontierland musical treat.

Giant Squid
20,000 Leagues Under The Sea
Magic Kingdom 1971-1994This ride always scared me as a kid. I always thought the squid was going to cause a leak in my sub.
Journey Into Imagination
EPCOT 1983-PresentFigment is one of the most beloved characters in all of Disney theme park history.
Expedition Everest
Animal Kingdom 2006-PresentThe giant yeti chases your vehicle through the mountain. At the end, he swipes (or is supposed to) down at your passing car.
Skeleton Pirate
Pirates of the Caribbean
Disneyland 1967-PresentThe skeleton Pirates await guests aboard the underground caverns about the Pirates ride.
Haunted Mansion
1971-PresentThis ghostly blue bride has a viel and is holding an axe. Appartly she is finished with her groom.
Enchanted Tiki Room
1963-PresentThis green bird is your host for Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room.
Boy and Goat
It’s a Small World

This tin gives you a “2 for 2″. Both pieces are counted as 1 figure. Great color and design on the goat.
Mystery Chaser
Highlight below to read, click figure to the left to seeThis figure represents the icon of Pleasure Island at WDW’s Downtown Disney in the 80’s. A really great representation of an extremely obscure figure. Take a look if you wold like to see him.

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  • Can’t wait to get these! I know they have been initially getting a little bit of a negative review by Vinylmation collectors because they are not on the Mickey mold – I want to say I AM A FAN!!! In theory, I think twice (if not more) creativity went into these. They had to create an interesting 3D shape for each character to start as their canvas and then create the art. Is the art as complex as recent Vinylmations? No. But as they stated, these were created two years ago. I see a bright future for these, especially as they start incorporating what they have learned in the past few years on future releases. Cheers!

  • OK — I love the robot Butler fig., but almost $20….hmm I don’t know. I always thought he would be a regular vinylmation.

  • These are actually closer to the classic Japanese style Vinyls…. I like em! Would have preferred a more accurate Figment shape tho…..

  • i want these NOW! i am an avid vinylmation collector (just hit 458 of them!) and i love these. they are very true to a “kid robot” style vinyl. from what i have seen it looks as though a case is only 16 of them. i hope there are enough so the true collectors (not to the vultures who want to profit off of these) can get their hands on them! any word on the date? i saw october….

  • Why oh why doesn’t Disney fix the broken Yeti??? I am not a fan of the new mold but I don’t really view these as vinylmation as they look nothing like the original nor new mold. My favorite is the Skeleton Pirate.

  • what is the size of this set? i know the podcast at florida project mentioned that sizes vary, but just curious if we could have a scale comparison. bigger than typical vinylmation?

    • They are about 3-4 inches tall. I wish I took a side by side comparison to Mickey mold vinys. Some are wider or have more depth than others. Kind of like Funko Pop! Vinyls, things like hats make some of these taller than others.

    • I saw a photo from the recent vinylmation event and it had Al and the squid next to one of the new ‘Cutesters on the Beach’ vinyls – they are the same size.

  • I think these would have been good as an open window set – people seem to have definite favorites and at nearly $20 for a blind box, most people won’t want to be stuck with ones they don’t like.

  • Sigh…..Tell myself I don’t want these…then the chaser comes along and botches that line of thinking.

  • If you are talking variants (same vinyl shape/dif. characteristics)…something copper in color is most likely a copper Abe Lincoln to mimic his penny portrait.

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