Villains 2 Vinylmation Explained

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Release Date: October 24
Where: Disney Stores
Price: TBA

Villains 2 is a follow up to the poplar Disney Store release of Villains 1 in early 2011. We had fun with that release and this second series looks to have a strong line up of bad guys. The style is top notch. I enjoy the fact that they did not feel the need to fit the entire Villain inside Mickey body part for body part. These larger than life characters are painted on to the mold large and bold. There are also many hat accessories… bad guys love hats don’t they?

Bowler Hat Guy
Meet the Robinsons (2007)
Voiced by: Stephen John Anderson
Artist: Kyle Jensen

Yeah!!!! I knew if I said his name on enough podcasts he would show up in a set. From one of the most underrated Disney movies of our time, this villain tugs at your heartstrings by the movie’s end. Thank you so much for giving us the bowler hat instead of painting it on.

Honest John
Worthington Foulfellow
Pinocchio (1940)
Voiced by: Walter Catlett
Artist: Gerald Mendez

Oh, the look of pure evil. Love it! Nice detail on the hat has well. Another case were I enjoy just the head and partial body.

Captain Hook
Peter Pan (1953)
Voiced by: Hans Conried
Artist: Oskar Mendez

A classic bad guy. I enjoy the way this set is designed with some character’s head taking up the entire Vinylmation. It’s a good choice that really makes these villains come right at you. But where is the hook? Variant? In the side view, you can see his hood painted on.

Dr Facilier
Princess and the Frog (2009)
Voiced by: Keith David
Artist: Gerald Mendez

This movie ushered hand drawn animation back into Disney movies. It was a beautifully drawn movie and this baddie stole the show… as many villains do. As much as I like the head shot close ups, this one deserves a fully body look. There is a lot going on with this character and so many movie references that could have gone into his ears. …looks like they put that detail on the back:

Evil Queen
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)
Voiced by: Lucille La Verne
Artist: Gerald Mendez

On the flip side to Dr. Facilier, this “bust-like” version looks phenomenal. I don’t mind no crown accessory, this painting is great. The vinyl losses a couple points for not using the ears. Again, give us movie references there.

Hercules (1997)
Voiced by: James Woods
Artist: Kyle Jensen

I think I like this one… a lot. But I want to see it in person. I think the head is a clear blue, and that is would be amazing! Again though, Disney Store artists… please use the ears more. the flames can go up into the ears. But I will give the artist benefit of the doubt on this design.

Big Bad Wolf
Three Little Pigs (1933)
Voiced by: Billy Bletcher
Artist: Enrique Pita

What a great character to include in this set! I think his face looks perfectly drawn. Look at the claws on the feet and the ears peaking out from the awesome hat.

Lady Tremaine
Cinderella (1950)
Voiced by: Eleanor Audley
Artist: Oskar Mendez

I am blown away by how good her face looks painted onto this figure. The wicked stepmother’s bad hair due fills much of head and ears with the silver streak on the forehead. Her face is outlined in an evil fiery glow.

Runaway Brain Mickey
Runaway Brain (1995)
Voiced by: Wayne Allwine
Artist: Enrique Pita

Another one? (Park 6 combo topper) Although I don’t want another so soon, this one beats the original hands down. I love the way that tongue hits the feat with a “splash.” And the brain on the back is amazing!

Shere Khan
Jungle Book (1967)
Voiced by: George Sanders
Artist: Kyle Jensen

A personal favorite bad guy. His voice is etched in my mind. This is done well. Very cartoonish looking and in the style of the lions on the lion king set. Also, great use of ears putting some jungle leaves in there. No tail accessory, but it’s nicely drawn on.

Emperor’s New Groove (2000)
Voiced by: Ertha Kitt
Artist: Oskar Mendez

One of those movies you forget is Disney. This gives me much hope for a Kuzco, Pacha, Kronk and llama. This character has to be hard to capture on a vinyl and Oskar did a great job with her face, but it just misses. We don’t get the full feel of her giant head piece and collar.
Mystery Chaser

Last chaser was a popular villain from a recent classic. Go ahead, toss out a guess or two in the comments below. Mine? Gaston or the Horned King.

Click image to see chaser!

There will also be at least one 9″ / Jr Combo:

Genie Jafar and small genie Genie. It is designed by Enrique Pita, is LE 700 and retails for $59.95.

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  • I like some of the set more the old characters than the newer ones. I’m not to keen on how they have just made the face the Vinylmation they didn’t do that with the 1st series. But I will be getting at least 5 but the reason I will be getting them is because of who they are (hook, evil step mother,evil queen, Hibest John, Shere kan) all classics and that’s why I’m getting them not because they look great.
    Thanks for the great pictures and updates guys :)

  • This will be the first case I buy. But I can’t believe they made Captain Hook and didn’t give him a hook hand.

    I have to give the artists, especially the Mendezes credit for making some of the most creative character designs. Yzma, Hook, the Queen, Honest John are all great designs that aren’t just “character stretched onto Mickey”. It makes it so they don’t look like fat weird chipmunk mutants.

    So many top hats…

  • I’m sorry- these figures are just awful. They used to look like a whole body/character- now they just look like a head superimposed on a mickey shape. Facilier an Bowler Hat Guy look like the puppets from the old Nickelodeon show Weinerville- where the puppets were giant heads with tiny bodies.

  • wow….hook is a huge letdown. he had such potential too. hook should have had a sly grin and a hook hand. oh well. no villains for me.

    jafar and genie are cool….

  • I have to disagree about Yzma, Nick, I think she’s easily the best one in the series. They didn’t screw up by making her stretched and bloated, she’s properly conveyed as being super gaunt. Plus look at that expression. I haven’t seen any vinylmation YET with that much character. She’s going right in the front of my villains display.

  • Love all of these! I agree, it would have been nice to see Captain Hook with a hook hand, but the images on these vinyls are sure sharp!! Detailed as Disney would do! Have all of Villains 1 and HAVE to HAVE all of Villains 2! Did anyone notice how it said that Villains 2 is a LIMITED RELEASE???

  • I don’t know, I love some of them, but I think a FEW more should’ve NOT been the “bust”, preferably Hades for example.

  • I like the artwork designs of Run Away Brain, Shere Khan, and Bowler Hat Guy. All the others look off key. Captain Hook is just BAD. He looks like he has a cross between a Roman Soldier helmet and Mickey Ears.
    I wished they would have kept the faces ON the chipmunk (Mickey’s) face and not used half the body.I think that is why they look off for some reason.

    • Absolutely agree.

      There are some good characters in this series but with the faces stretched over the whole figure, they just look wrong.

  • Gaston as the chaser, gonna call it now.

    I’ll be all over this set when it comes out. The more people dislike it, the easier it will be for me to get them.

  • I think they look phenomenal, but where is Hook’s hat? That definitely s/b an accessory with the figure. I agree that the hook s/b on his hand too!

  • I like the bust-style representaions. I think with this style the artists can keep true to the way the characters look in the films and not have to distort then to fit the mold, ala toy story vinylmation (awful!). I will pick up a few of my favorites, including 9″ Jafar!

  • Ok I like most of the set.

    The only let down for Me is Capt. Hook. His to iconic and he’s just a let down.

    Love Bowler Hat Guy, Love BBW,

    As for the Chaser…Gaston seems to be a popular guess, but I am going to give a Classic and Modern guess

    Modern – Mother Goethel (Tangled)
    Classic – Chernabog (Fantasia)

  • I was so disappointed by the whole thing with an exception of a few..I was hoping for an awesome Hades, maybe a good Lucifer (Cinderella), but it’s not very good..why do they have to design it like that? Why not make their whole body rather than skipping the ears and head and being lazy? I thought the evil queen was going to be AMAZING but there’s no ears or a crown accessory? Come on. The only ones i like is Lady Tremaine, Hades, and the big bad wolf..and those are just DECENT..

  • Would totally love a Clayton chaser (Tarzan) or even a Sheriff of Nottingham, although a villain from that movie has already been created. I like what BobPopa said with a Chernabog but he would a great design for a 9″.
    Overall I like this set alot, the only disspointment is Captain Hook because he’s got a very nose, plus no awesome accessories such as a hat or hook.

    Lol the design team loves top hats!

  • Honestly I don’t like how the new vinylmation design (without the nose/mouth/eyes indent for mickey) has made these vinylmations come out. I really don’t like how the head is half the face and the body is the other half. I’d rather have the vinylmations looking fat like Alice from Animation. It has the Vinylmation feel, unlike a lot of these from this collection. However, the Evil Queen, Lady Tremaine, and Runaway Mickey are very well designed and look pretty cool so I give credit for that. Overall, 5/10. Extremely disappointing for me. Villains 1 was so good compared to this.

  • I think the chaser is going to be Charles Munz from Up. They mentioned him many times before this officially came out and there is no sign of him. Hmm

  • The backs of Facilier and Mickey are so great, I just threw my park 6 topper in the trash. Lady Tremaine looks a lot better than in the preview pictures. Captain Hook is the only dud, which is a shame because Oskar Mendez is the best artist they have.

  • Okay, with some of the new side pics, I know what one of the things is that makes me really dislike this series.

    The Hades side-view is a great example — when I first saw these pictures….I wanted to like them, but the mor and more I studied each piece, the less I liked this series and I was really disappointed with the full-body usage of the face. Series 1 didn’t do that…the figures had normal proportions that followed the head/body/legs. When lookin at Hades, something that pops out to me is that I don’t feel like I am looking at Hades’ head. I feel like I am looking at a blue ball with Hades’ face painted on to it. If the head is not used properly, then the whole illusion of a character existing within the “Mickey mold” goes out the door.

    And on top of that….the “painted on hook” for Capt. Hook is just laughable. Sorry, Oskar Mendez, but that is cheap and silly.

    I was so excited about Villains 2 coming out, but will plan on spending my money on a different series….I’d rather delve into the new Park Starz!

  • Pass.
    I hate how almost all of them have the character’s eyes where the mouth of the vinyl is. Oh well, save more money for Park 7.

  • Ok, here’s my view on what works/doesn’t work with this series:
    what works:
    – Shere Khan
    – Runaway Brain
    – Capt. Hook
    – Bowler Hat Guy, the fact that they included him especially

    what doesn’t work:
    – Lady Tremaine
    – Wicked Queen, these two would’ve worked better on the old mold is all I’m saying

  • Really liking Bowler Hat Guy, Hades, Shere Khan, and I actually don’t mind Dr. Facilier too much. Hoping for a Chernabog vinyl at some point! Maybe even as the chaser of this series? Can’t wait to pick some of these up. Pretty satisfied with the set.

  • I really like this series, (except facilier) but some of them only have minor faults like i don’t like big bad wolf’s eyes, dr faciliers face sucks :p and captain hook doesn’t have a hat or a hook??? WTF???
    I think lady tremaine, yzma, honest john and shere khan are really good
    i’m only buying one and thats one of the best one’s there, evil queen (but she should’ve had a crown) :(
    the chaser, gaston (popular vote), claude frollo, chernabog and (i’m calling it) edgar the butler from aristocats :)

  • How does your Mother Gothel come with a Knife Accessory?!?!?! Mine didn’t have one D: . I don’t see why they didn’t give Hook a legitimate hook on his hand like they did for the Pirates series pirate

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