Vinylmation Speculation: Disneyland Paris Mystery Set

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As you probably know by now, Disney has set up a new Vinylmation website for France, And today, they even updated to a third teaser image. If the rumor is true, we will soon see the announcement of a 12 figure mystery box set based on Disneyland Paris. If you are like us, you can’t wait for the actual announcment. And since we have never visited DLP, we asked a big fan of the park to speculate on what she thinks would make some great look vinyls for this set. Enjoy this article by Lindsey and let us know your ideas.

This list has beeen created based on things that I feel best represent Disneyland Paris for both uniqueness as well as being special. Some things may be quiet obscure but I wanted to focus on things that make the park different to the other Disney Parks worldwide. These are also things that I personally enjoy whenever I visit DLP.

1- Disney & Co Boutique Organ

This Organ has now been moved from its home in Disneyland Paris and will be going to WDW for the new Dumbo area in Fantasyland.

2- Alice’s Curious Maze

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We already have a themed set of Alice, but a Vinylmation of this attraction would be justified as it’s unique to Disneyland Paris.

3- Phantom Manor

Now they have confirmed that the Phantom himself would be appearing in an upcoming Park set. But I think one based on the attraction or the building itself would be welcome.

4- Annette’s Diner

A bit more obscure as its actually in the Disney Village next to the park, but it’s become such a famous location that it deserves a place in this line up. It should Feature a waitresses on Rollerskates!

5- Indiana Jones et le Temple De Peril

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This is a themed rollercoaster and the first Disney ride anywhere to feature a 360 loop (opened in 1993). So I think something themed to this ride would do well. Also, who doesn’t love Indy?

6- Skull Island

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This is a big rock statue based on the iconic island from Peter Pan and think it would make a cool Vinylmation.

7- La Taniere Du Dragon

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Though the famous Dragon from Sleeping Beauty should be on the rumoured 9”, this encounter with the sleeping dragon found at DLP is a worthy contender. The dragon is sleeping but he also awakens and blows smoke so this would be great as a Varient!

8- Videopolis Theatre (Hyperion)

This is a huge Airship which housed a stage for various productions. Now it just shows Disney shorts, but this iconic design deserves a Vinyl.

9- The Timekeeper (Le Visionarium)

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This attraction was there from the park opening in 1992 until it was replaced by Buzz Lightyear. It was the first ‘Euro Disney’ attraction to be re-made at another Disney park (it later showed up at Magic Kingdom).

10- Moteurs… Action!

This stunt show has also made it over to America (at Disney’s Hollywood Studios) and I think it will be a fun Vinyl.

11- Cinemagique

I love this show I have to see it every time we visit and normally more than once every time we visit. This unique 4D mixes live action with video. The show goes through different movies where Martin Short is skipping through the decades of movies. It is exclusive to Disneyland Paris and I think it would be nice to pay homage to it. A Martin Short Vinylmation maybe….

12- Crush’s Coaster

This spinning rollercoaster ride were the ride vehicle is a Shell with 2 front facing and 2 back facing seats, is based on Finding Nemo and is another Disneyland Paris exclusive. It is still one of the park’s busiest rides!

13- Discovery Arcade

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This is set behind the shops on Main Street and fits in really well. It has a lot of historic inventions and artwork. It is also a lovely place to stop and eat in the colder months. It is stunning to look at.

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I don’t know much about DL Paris so all of these would be new to me. Side note: how unfair is it that DL Paris has a crush coaster? I wish something like that was at WDW.


DIsneyland Paris is amazing. The castle is BY FAR the most breathtaking of any other Disney park castle, and it’s hilarious to hear Mickey speaking french. “Hee hee, je suis!”


Crush’s coaster probably is the best ride ever in all theme parks (along with “journey to the center of the earth” in Tokyo) and it’s damn awesome we have it in France!!! Much more thrilling, I’d say, than the somewhat boring Indiana Jones et le Temple dU péril (sorry to correct the wrong caption) actually all attractions in Paris differ from the other parks – phantom manor is totally different, and Pirates of the Caribbeans alse are – a much more thrilling ride than the sleeping ride in California and Florida. all in all it will be very difficult to… Read more »

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