Animation 2 Photoshoot

We couldn’t keep them boxed up. The figures from Animation 2 wanted to check out Walt Disney World. So Austin and I took them around the parks to see their favorite spots. Austin added some captions too. And as always, there are plenty more pictures from this shoot on our Facebook page.

Attention: We found the Bear Necessities.
Chicken Little got so tired of saying the sky is falling, he decided to make a sign.
Now only if there were two of every instrument in the Philharmagic Orchestra … or is there?
Where a million diamonds shine! Or in this case four, but they ARE realllllllly shiny.
Flower is just simply twitterpattered by all the flowers.
Beware whilst walking in Liberty Square at night you might come home without a head.
A rare moment where Jiminy Cricket gets time to himself.
I can guarantee you he whistles while he works and so do those trains.
Jose and Donald enjoy a little siesta.
Nobody monkeys around with Monkey Fist and lives to tell the tail, that’s just Kim Possible.
Sebastian got caught in a net, best be careful Chef Louis doesn’t catch him.
It ain’t too long a walk to Tiggr’s mailbox when you’ve got a spring in your step … or is it tail?
Tinker Bell welcomes guests to the Kingdom.
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