Collector’s Corner: Michael and Colleen

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Name: Mike and Colleen

Hometown: Fairfax, VA (although our heart is currently riding the TTA)

Collection Count: 80
3″ = 69
9″ = 3
Jrs = 0
Park Starz = 8

How long have you been collecting?
Since October 2010. We originally had no interest in Vinylmation as we are pin collectors and things can get out of hand quickly. Then the Toy Story blind boxes came out, so we figured what the heck! Our first pull was Lotso. As he is an attempted murderer, we quickly decided that he would be a trading vinyl. Okay, one more Toy Story…we pulled…BIG BABY!?!?! Are you kidding me?! Another trader, but that Buzz Lightyear would be ours one day. Despite the worst first pulls ever, we’ve been hooked ever since. And yes, we have Buzz now.

Jiminy and Tink
Park Starz

What is your favorite figure that you own?
Mike: Dr. Facilier from Villains 2. Love the movie, love the villain, LOVE the hat!
Colleen: Tinkerbell from Park 7. Wings, sparkles, and wand accessory!

Haunted Mansion

What is your favorite figure that you don’t own?
Colleen: Obi-Wan or Ghost Obi-Wan…or both.
Mike: Any skeleton from the Pirates set. Despite many purchases, they still elude me.

Mr. Toad

Which of these is the best feeling: Pulling a figure you want… from a blind box you just purchased, from a great trade with another collector, from a mystery trading box at the park or from a clear trading box?
We both agree that pulling from a blind box is the best. We even did a long distance pull over Skype one time with Villains 2. The big reveal was the Mother Gothel chaser. How sweet it can be. Unless you pull Big Baby of course.

Except for our army, we’ve been working hard to get our vinyls in “themed lands” in our house. Our favorite by far is the Pirate Wall. Between the WDCC Hairy Leg Pirate, the movie poster, and a LEGO Black Pearl, it’s our miniature version of one of our favorite attractions.

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Where did the WDW Welcome Archway come from?


id love to help complete your pirates set! send me an email!


Will do. What’s your address?

Brad B
Brad B

Those themed dioramas are excellent. Love the presentations! BTW, where did you get the WDW arch in the Park Starz pic? It really looks like all the Starz are entering Disney World for a day of adventure.


The archway (and accompanied resort sign) came from a monorail accessories pack from about 10 years ago. It included the arch (which lights up), the resort sign, a Polynesian sign, a Grand Floridian sign, and a Contemporary sign. I actually bought mine at Theme Park Connection retail store in Orlando the last time I was there. I would check Ebay as we’ve seen them on there before as well.