Cutesters at the Beach Photoshoot

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Although I live in Orlando and am able to get to Walt Disney World practically whenever I want (he he, don’t worry, I’m not rubbing it in, I have a point here) I miss out on one important aspect… vacation. For me it’s a day trip, but often I like to pretend I’m on vacation… as if I don’t have to go to work the next day. One of the great bonuses of living by WDW is visiting the resorts. There is so much to see and do there and we walk around them often. Well, on the last trip, we happened to catch some interesting vacationers at play. They let us thumb through their family photo album and share some pictures with you. (see more on Facebook)

Everybody caught up for some quality time… well almost everybody
Grand Floridian
Found that beach ball you were looking for
Wilderness Lodge
Somebody was trying to sneak across the bridge but we caught him
Number one priority: make sure those kids play safe
Animal Kingdom Lodge
One of the many animals you can spot at animal kingdom lodge
Yacht and Beach Club
Believe it or not, in some language not yet discovered, the markings
in that rock spell seashells
Port Orleans
Only problem is his toungue doesnt quite reach
Everybody who rides down the clown slide wants a sno cone after
Yacht and Beach Club
Snorkeler found one of the Disney pools that has sand at
the bottom
Caribbean Beach
Sorry no waves today but as a conselation prize heres a really cool
fort to play in
They said the volcano is dormant, doesn’t mean it can’t wake up
Swan and Dolphin
aaaah peaceful tranquility
Coronado Springs
Do i spy a net behind her?

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I love your photo shoots :-)


Very clever and of course very “cute”!! Love all the resort visits : )


Love these!! so hard to decide which is my favorite…but i LOVE the turtle, snorkeler, sno cone, sea gul, and life guard. I have the mystery chaser from the last cutester series. Hope to get the mystery chaser from this series. Great pics love the website.My cousin got almost all the ones that i love. She got them all at the clear box at the emporium.