Evilos’ Aviator (Not the Dicaprio kind)

We got a chance to sit down with Evilos and ask him about this great creation. Here is what he said:

DV: What inspired you to create Aviator Mickey?

Evilos: My latest creation, “Aviator Mickey” was mostly inspired by the movie Red Tails, a movie loosely based on the famous Tuskegee Airmen fighter group from World War Two. I wanted to pay some sort of tribute to them and both my grandfathers who also fought in the great war. Mickey being such an iconic image and Walt Disney’s involvement with the conflict also made it a complete package for me as an artist. Its truly a personal piece inside and out. I made 12 of these Mickey’s because I knew the interest with collectors would be so high that just one would not satisfy demand for such a personal historic work of art. Most are already sold out with collectors looking to get their special number out of 12.

DV: Tell us a little about the clothing accessories. Was the jacket custom made for a 9″ Vinylmation? Can the goggles come down over Mickey’s eyes?
E: First I would like to say the accessories are the most significant part to these Aviator Mickey’s. Each piece has an authentic WW2 circa 1941-1945 sweetheart wings pin shown on Mickey’s left jacket pocket. Also each will have replica brass Army Airmen Propeller wings attached to the Right pocket and Right flap of the flight helmet. I really love to bring a simple design, yet meaningful details to each one of my customs. Mickey comes with a Bomber Jacket, White Scarf, Flight Helmet and working Goggles that can be placed over Mickey’s eyes when he’s ready to take the pilot seat (See photo). Everything used was pre-existing but modified to work with the 9″ Vinylmation. I’m very happy how this one came out, I’m sure my grandfathers who laid down their lives for our country would feel the same.

DV: Where can people go to see a catalog of your work?
E: Anyone interested in my work can follow me on Twitter @EvilosArt Thank you!

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