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Update 3/9/12 Thank you everyone here and on Facebook for the comments on these sneak peaks! Looks like the best guess to the mystery women is from Derek… Tomorrowland Space Women (can also do man variant).

Photo on right from

3/7/12 The Disney Parks Blog just posted an interview with Disney Design Group and Vinylmation artist Thomas Scott. It was an interview focusing on the new John Carter Vinylmation, but we saw much more around the office than that. We brake it down for you, but the video itself, has great insight and pictures on how Vinylmation are designed. Take a look.

Ok, let’s dive in…

We have some pieces here they wanted us to see, what do you spot? Possible some Urban designs? Also, pink Park Starz Squid. Is this another variant? The stars top hat behind seems to be the Uncle Sam figure we are looking forward to near July 4th. How abut the women in the bubble helmet. This strikes me as a Park figure but I can’t quite place it.

Next up, we have our first real look at the upcoming Popcorn figures. Mickey in the foreground and Goofy in the right corner. Looks like the opposite of my speculation! These are larger than 3″ and even appear larger than Park Starz. Speaking of… are those 2 more Park Starz molds behind Mickey? If so, any character guesses?

Here is another look at Goofy. And then the John Carter vinyls…

Besides the new molds, that we already knew about, It appears Princess Deja has a cape accessory! Where was that for Star Wars?

And here is a closer look at Thark Jeddak Tars Tarkus’s arms.

The video also gave a glimpse into the work environment for Thomas Scott. Maybe showing some of his inspirations and for sure showing off a collection of his own Vinylmation work.

Other vinyl collectibles
Various vinyls
What is your take on the sneak peaks found in this video? Did you find others we didn’t spot?

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  • The first pic… Looks like Robots 2 vinyls, and the woman with the bubble reminds me of something you’d find in EPCOT. At first I thought it was a variant to the Diving Suit in P8, but the gold tone is throwing me off. Not too crazy about the purple Squid variant though.

    The second pic… I REALLY hope Popcorns will be open box and not bloxes. If they made a Pluto… 8D Um, right, pic. The blob on the left reminds me of a MILF monster, and the other – maybe a odd version of the little devils from Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride?

    And I’ll admit it, the two-armed VM is pretty awesome. Wonder why it wasn’t used for the AiW Caterpillar.

    All in all, intriguing stuff.

    • Robot 2 for sure.

      Woman in the bubble suit: Horizons? Flight to the moon/Mission to Mars?

      Blob: Agreed, Looks like something from Monsters, Inc. …. Looking at the curvature of the horns on the other Park Starz figure, Yeah, it’s a minion from Mr. Toad.

  • Is it just me or does the urban 5 squid have a variant in this video? The eyes are different and the bodies have different tentacle placement. That means variants were here and we didnt even know it. Unless one is lke the prototype and the other a finished product. And why are there 2 3D mickeys? The ears look different. Maybe im just paranoid

  • I read all 19 of these books in 9th grade (1984 Yikes!)And now, not only do I get to see John Carter on the big screen (Gush), but I get some vinyls to “truly” personalize my collection!I have some pop vinyls in my collection and I like how they break up the monotony of the MickeyMold. I also have figment from park starz, and some others in tins which I also think add some diversity to my collection.I was surprised to see Thomas had “non-Disney” vinyls in his collection.But I imagine that is for inspiration when thinking of new directions for “Vinylmation”.

  • The park starz look very interesting. I can’t wait to see it and for the popcorn vinyls, I’m impressed. I hope it turns out to be a great product. For the john carter, I am really only interested about the monster with the four arms. That just looks cool and might create oppurtunities for some cool customs.

  • I think the mystery Parks VM seen here is a female version of the old Disneyland Tomorrowland Spaceman (Space Woman), as can be seen here:

    If you look closely, it appears there’s another VM design on the paper behind that one with a matching helmet but with brown hair. Perhaps that’s the variant male version?

  • If you look at the computer screen looks like goofys bathing suit so I believe we are getting a 3″ water sking goofy.

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