VM_Paris reveals Robots 2

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Update: 3/15/11 After a closer look it seems the feet are mixed up too. So each piece has a different set of arms, body, head, and feet.

After a day of waiting we finally have a look at the figures for Robots 2. Like we were told they will be mixed up. The question is, “How mixed up?”
Are those 12 figures on top what their ideas of “Mixed Up” is? Or are they just examples.

I’m starting to think we will just see the top 12 figures and nothing more mixed up. It makes sense because that would mean there is a full set in each case and they don’t have to worry about numbers. However, this means that most people will see these mixed up robots and think they are the designs. Do these become the official designs, or are the unmixed figures the right designs? How do we name them? How do we trade them? Piece-meal?

What do you think about this? Does anyone know for sure the answers? Let us know.

Most importantly, would any of these count for Combo Contest #3?????

(All pics from VM_Paris, thanks!)

PS- I wonder what the “Details inside” will be….

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  • At first I didn’t like this series because the designs weren’t cohesive, but now I realize that it was the point.

    I like how this series is themed differently than the first. Robots 1 was based on the old Tin Robots toys, whereas this series looks to be more based on old Sci-Fi movie robots. There are some cool designs, like the one with the Tesla Coil/Antenna thing on its head.

  • Maybe it is that you have to collect all of them and then try to get the full figures from the set of 12.

  • Here are my thoughts:
    1.) First off, no chaser
    2.) The top 12 “mix up” designs are how the figures will come packaged
    3.) The bottom (smaller) designs are what they are intended to look like
    4.) You must get all 12 factory issued figures to rearrange in order to get a complete corrected set
    5.) Are the ball joints different now to allow for easier “pulling apart”, but still secure enough that the joints don’t become lose and (let’s say) the arms won’t stay up?
    6.) This will add a new dimension of trading.
    6a.) Now you will have collectors trading figures because they need certain pieces, not because they need it as a whole. (I.E. trading a full vinylmation, just because you need the feet of another)
    6b.) Not all cast members are knowledgeable on vinylmations. Currently these come with two of the same arms, but what stops someone from trading in a figure with two different arms, or heck, even two left or two right arms (can they stop them from doing so, this series does promotes mix and match, right?) and someone else blind box pulls it? Sure you can go back to my previous point of people now trading for certain pieces, but is this a scenario Disney had the foresight to possibly see happening? Is there a plan to prevent this? (I.E. more education for cast members?)

  • I agree with Michael’s post. There is no chaser, the reason to get all 12 figures is to get every piece in order to put the figures together in the correct order.

    My questions:

    1. Will these Robots be more valuable if they have all the correct pieces put together correctly?
    2. Should collectors keep them mixed up?
    3. Is everyone going to need to buy a case so that they have the original designs as well as the mixed up ones?

    This is going to be interesting to watch play out. Thankfully I’m not really interested in collecting this series.

  • Seems like if every figure has the same mix/ matched pieces, no one will want to actually remove any pieces because they’ll NEED all 12 original ones to get a full set. There is no more “chase” to this than a regular set. Still, a cute concept.

    • But what if a guest buys 4 figures. Gets the head, body and arms of one robot and mix and matches to get 3/4th of that completed figure. This would mean the other 3 figures will have completely random parts that were not originally together. So now that guest will trade their newly put together frankenstein figure for a factory issued one cause they need its feet to complete their 3/4th completed figure. Now that means that the trading box has a robot 2 figure that is completely unique a.) No one will want or b.) Will be traded for parts. But to your point, this is why I think people will remove parts, cause not everyone is a collector. Someone might just want to complete 1 figure while they are here on vacation

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