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I need to preface this article with the fact that I am in no way endorsing this listing, but I think it is so absurd, I need to share it with you. Also a thank you to Kevin for showing it to us. A seller from Hawaii has listed what he calls in the item description “The FIRST Disney Vinylmation Ever.” It is a 3″ blank white create your own sealed in a clear plastic bag.

As you can see, it has an official Walt Disney World price sticker and bar code. I did know CYOs were officially the first Vinylmation release but apparently, and I admit I did not know this, the first release of CYOs were not in boxes in the stores, but in clear bags at the November 2008 Festival of the Masters. (If a reader can verify this info, I’d appreciate it)

If that is true, this vinyl, in fact, is part of a first run of Vinylmation released to the public and therefore does hold a special place in Vinylmation history. In my opinion it would also hold a certain value to collectors. Especially if you consider that, most likely, very few guests kept these in the sealed bags. But I wouldn’t think the value is as high as this seller would like it to be.

Starting bid is $5,000! With a buy it now at 10 grand. A bit over zealous in my humble opinion… but I also thought $500+ for a variant was a bit high as well. Do you agree this may in fact be a part of Vinylmation history? What would you pay or trade to add this to your collection? I do not fault the seller for reaching for the stars here. I mean if someone bites, that’s a heck of a return on investment. You may as well give it a try, but I’d be more than shocked if it sells at this price. If you would like to take a look at this listing for yourself, check it out here.

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  • I bought five or six of these at WDW in 2009, in the resorts not at the Festival of the Masters. (Didn’t keep mine in the bags though.) Who’s to say that there was only one run of bagged CYOs? Maybe it was purchased in 2008, but maybe much later.

    This seems crazy weird to me.

  • These were also around in 2009. There is alot of vinylmation history that most don’t know about. Ive been lucky to watch this hobby since almost day one. Here is the history of the CYO 3″, they came in clear baggies from 2008-2009, they then came in closed window boxes in 2009-2010, they have been in their current open window state since 2010. 9″ White CYO also came in baggies also in 2009.

  • if the UPC number is verified, i do believe it has historical significance and value on it and I for one would be interested to have it in my collection….so can anybody from Disney world verify this UPC?????

  • i work at disneyland in california!! i work in distribution and deal with upcs on a daily. i will get back to you shortly hopefully by saturday to confirm the upc for you lorie.

  • would it have been cool to own if i had started collecting back then? yes. but as far as i’m concerned: $8.95 + 20% discount + grabbing one of my plastic bags i get 300 for $2 with 40% off coupon + cutting a tag off an old vinylmation box = perfectly fine by me and i saved anywhere from $4,9992 to $9,992 . a CYO is a CYO as far as i’m concerned.Though maybe Evilos can buy it, make a Custom… list it as “Custom on First Vinylmation Ever!” and list it for $50,000. :) but don’t forget the free shipping, otherwise it’s a rip off.

  • I can confirm that at ONE point these bags were ALSO sold at Disney World – even when they had them in boxes some of these bagged blanks were sold alongside them. I specifically remember them being at World of Disney at Downtown Disney Orlando when I first started collecting.

  • Based on the fact that these were sold in baggies for 2 years, they are simple white CYO, and I am sure there are a few other people besides this ebay seller probably has one or two laying around their home or studio, I would put the value of this vinyl around $50-75. A couple hundred would be high.

    If you want one, WAIT. When someone lists a collectible for a super high price, you usually see others follow soon after. Remember we didn’t see any P6 All Other Property Signs listed for awhile, then one sold and BOOM, 4 others were listed within a week. So, if you really want one, keep looking and save yourself a few thousand.

  • I want one for 50. Maybe kristi g or somebody else can give us more factual information such as how many were produced.

  • I myself bought these at Art of Disney at Downtown Disney Florida. It was explained to me then, that these were more of a prototype item. They were testing the waters with these. Some of the stores held special events for the release of these 1st ever vinylmations. They had artist signings. They first came in boxes of 12 – just a plain cardboard box – which was the way it was shipped to the store. I believe the bags came after.

  • I picked up one of these at the D-street store in Flordia shortly after it opened in 2010 and it was in that baggy. With that said this is absolutely insane I would never pay anymore then $10 for that. It would cost less to buy an entire case of park 1! It’s a plain white vinylmation!

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