More Concept Art for Mad T Party

From Robin Trowbridge of Disney Parks Blog:


By now, you may have heard that a funderful new party is in the making at Disney California Adventure park … theMad T Party! But, before experiencing the assortment of joyfulutionary entertainment that awaits you, you must make your way down the Rabbit Hole!

This magical, mystical passageway is unlike any other … and it leads to a party that is fit for a Queen (or King)! Guests will feel as if they are leaving their world behind and entering into a special place that just gets curiouser and curiouser!

But wait! Not just anybody will be allowed to enter! You must have a smile as big as a Cheshire Cat … and a laugh as mad as a Hatter! Helping us enforce the rules are our Mad T Party “bouncers,” Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.

Enlisted by the Mad Hatter himself, these towering twins will officiate over the official opening of the Rabbit Hole each night. Afterwards, our D-lightful duo will remain outside the Rabbit Hole, making sure that all guests attending the Mad T Party are suitably splendiful.

Each night, a different password will be required in order to enter. How will you know the password of the day? That’s where our Hatters come in …

Fashionably festooned in wild colors and patterns – complete with TOP HATS – they are easily identified as they make their way through Disney California Adventure park. If you happen upon them, or if they happen upon you, they will offer an “invitation” that includes the night’s secret-but-not-too-secret password.

So, now you know how to enter the Rabbit Hole! And, from past Disney Parks Blog posts, you already know whom you will meet and what you might hearwhich games you might play and when it all begins. The “Maddification” of Disney California Adventure park is almost upon us! Get your hats and smiles together and get ready to go “Mad” at the Mad T Party!