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On display at D-Street Orlando is a new Nightmare Before Christmas LE set. This will be released on May 4th. It includes a 9″ Behemoth, 3″ Easter Bunny and Jr Nutcracker. It is an LE 2000 and will retail for $79.95. Nightmare Before Christmas was one of the first specialty sets released, back in the infancy of Vinylmation. Are you looking for more from this movie or is it played out? What else would you like?

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  • You have got to be bucking kidding me.

    At least it’s on the old 9″ mold, but this should’ve been part of the initial NBC open window boxes instead of them now buy one, get one 50% off.

  • I like the look of 9″ and 3″ but feel the presence of the Jr. is unnecessary and just a reason to jack up the pricing. With a price tag like that and an LE of 2000, I believe we will eventually be seeing this set discounted.

  • I like the behemoth, but not crazy about the rabbit or the nutcracker….I love NBC and would love to see more. I think they could have chose better 3″ and could have done without the junior altogether. I won’t pick this up unless it goes on sale.

  • I am a huge NBC fan (top 5 favorite movies). I’m ok with the 9″ and 3″ but the Jr. seems unnecessary. However I understand why they did it. It’s pretty much a Vinylmation release of the action figure set……0.0.&mvs=0#i=33
    There are so many Vinylmations I would love to see from this movie. The problem is, all the main characters have been down, and other then a scary face Jack, theres not much left on the A list. But non the less, here are some options…

    – Six figure box set of the holiday trees
    – Lock, Shock and Barrel with Halloween masks
    – Clown on unicycle (with propeller hat from nerds series)
    – Snowman Jack
    – Torn apart Oogie Boogie
    – Skeleton Rudolph Reindeer (variant black nose)
    – Jack and Sally on Spiral Hill

    The rest of these are just wishful thinking.
    – Demon Duck
    – Evil Teddy Near (duffy perhaps :p)
    – The band
    – A witch or vampire
    – Mummy boy
    – Bat Kid
    – Hangman Tree
    – Harlequin Demon
    – or one of the many cool things from Oogie Booie’s underground layer

  • Love the designs, captures the Tim Burton style very well. Also like that they’ve used a 9″, 3″ and 1.5″. The downside is the choice of characters as these are not the most well known, on the otherhand at least they’re not repeating the same characters. We’ve already seen plenty of NBC vinylmations, so I do think they’ve already had their fair share of figures. Also it’s a strange release date, surely this should have come out nearer to the time of the original window boxes, when at the time NBC was ‘popular’ and not on clearence. I’ve got to mention the LE, it’s way too high to be considered an LE of interest (Rhino in his Hamster ball has got half that). The price will also be it’s downfall, it’s still expensive, however compaired to what prices are now for other sets, I guess it’s alright.

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