Robots 2 Photoshoot

Austin and I made a trip to Walt Disney World last week because we heard the Robots 2 were causing a ruckus. Come to find out they were just taking a look around the place. We found some playing at the Magic Kingdom, while others were found making Epcot their home.

All Mixed-Up
Magic Kingdom
Scaling new heights in Tomorrowland


Found some pipe coils lying around, maybe she can sell it for scrap?


There is something eerily familiar about the top of this robot. I know I have seen it somewhere. Oh well can’t think of it never mind.


Every robot loves him some nuts and bolts.


Houston, I have landed this strange surface it seems nothing like the moon. It’s strange and metallic. No clue what it could be.


This nut seems to be making strange noises. It’s realllllly scary!


Somebody climbed up there, got stuck, and fell asleep.


I have officially landed on the moon… or is this still Walt Disney World?


Wheeeeee! I found a planet as big as me. I will name it “Baby Figment.” Because it is cute, and tiny, and purple, and I love it.


Most people have a chip on their shoulder, he seems to have a robot on his.


The clawwwwwwwww! The claw is our master. The claw chooses who will go and who will stay.


I see you!


These are supposed to conduct electricity. Maybe it will turn the light bulb in my stomach on.

All Together
Future World
If I just squeeze through here maybe I can escape.


If I stand perfectly still you can’t see me.


If I charge up my bulbs enough I just know I can get it to 150.


Help! Get me out of here! They are planning to dissect and study me. They already took my feet.


This is a really wacky solar system. That planet just missed my head by an inch.


What does this word mean? INN OOO VEEEN TIIIOOONS. Innoventions? It’s like it’s made up.


Thumbs up! Darn. Can’t… move… thumb.


I found some sort of flying contraption. Now if  I can juuuuuuust reach it. And why do these clouds have cracks in them?


I don’t know how to type, but i will try because I am the masked avenger. Wait, no I’m not.


How many shadows do I have? It’s kind of creeping me out.


This sign kinda looks like the Contemporary, but it’s not. I’m so confused.


Whatever you do, don’t turn that gear. I am already upside down and I will get really dizzy.