So Tasty Explained

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So Tasty!

Release Date: June 4, 2012 (Disney Stores) and June 8, 2012 (D-Streets)

Where: Disney Stores and D-Streets

Price: $11.95

Details: Each 3″ figure is scented relating to its name and design.

Update 6/2/12 Root Beer Float and Grape Soda Added.

Update 5/29/12 In addition to Disney Stores on June 4, So Tasty will also release at D-Streets on June 8.

Update 5/25/12 The Vinylmation blog teased us with a few looks at the So Tasty line. I’m really starting to like the unique characterization of each.

Bacon Cheeseburger

What exactly will this smell like?

Frozen Lemonade

Ooooh so sour!

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cone

So tasty! Oh hey, I just got the name! lol


I hope this smells of butter. And lots of it!


Root Beer Float

Clear brown body to show off a yummy mug of ice cold soda. Then the head is a scoop of ice cream billowing over the cup. All topped off with a straw in the ear.


Grape Soda

A purple cup of Grape Soda pop. You can see the bubbles in the head with the straw and Ferris Wheel in the ear.

4/21/12 – The DV Staff gives initial opinions on this series… before product shots are shown:

Nick: They are targeted toward a specific audience for sure, kids and female. I’d have to say the initial designs are not as cute as say some Cutesters or many of the “cutesy” designs by say Maria Clapsis. Elements of the popcorn design are very cool however. The “disco” hair accessory to represent bubbling popcorn and the Ferris Wheels in the ears to represent fair grounds. The scent idea is cool. (how are those Jingle Smells scents holding up by the way to those who bought them?) I think they will sell well, especially as open window (if they are).

Annemarie: I think these are really cute, and it’s a good idea, but I don’t think I’ll be purchasing them; I usually like to stick to Disney-related stuff, it has to really blow me away for me to branch out from that. I like the designs though, the detail and expressions keep getting better and better in these. If this is an open-box series and there’s a food item I particularly enjoy, I may pick one up. A blind box series? I’ll pass.

Zoe: After seeing the so tasty Vinylmation preview, I think they look super cute! I love the idea that they will smell, like how jingle smells were. I hope the scents smell good. Also I love the use of the popcorn on top of the head, looks almost like Goofy’s afro. I love the details on these and think they will do great in the stores! The mint chip ice cream is cute, and it’s my favorite kind of ice cream so I will definitely need that one! I can’t wait to see how the rest turn out! :)

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  • So far I’m extremely worried about this set. I just don’t see these selling well. Many of us will pick up one or two designs we particularly like, but these could easily clog shelves at the Disney Stores for like a year if they sell poorly. This is a series of non-Disney designs, and I’d venture to say that the most interesting one (the popcorn) we’ve already seen the design of.

    Furthermore, am I the only one freaked out that this is a series of living, sentient food designs with eyes and faces that includes a living Bacon Cheeseburger? Think about that one. Creepy!!

  • Is it just me or does anyone else think these would look really cool sitting next to my kitchen cabaret set?

  • They look stupid :lol:
    Also if these are scented.. imagine having them all together. Jingle Smells I could deal with… but all of those!
    American foods :lol:

    • Exactly, these would have been fine without the faces. It seem as if this a new series altogether and no relation to Cutesters of which it would be better with.

  • Ah well, thought they’d actually resemble food as opposed to cartoon characters. I’d have loved to have a churro or mickey bar vinylmation.

  • I think they are just ok, the faces really turned me off of these….might pick up one or two but not the whole set.

  • theyre not as appealing as most series they come on my birthday but not so good looking i worried about the smell so thumbs down

  • I can confirm that this is an open window edition set of 6. I saw them yesterday and there are 6 pictured on the back of the box, unless they plan to release more later. I forget all of them, but they include Popcorn, grape soda, ice cream and frozen lemonade

  • they just posted pictures of actual villans 3 vinyls on vinylmation blog. In addition from the 2 we already saw the cat from pinnochio is there too. This set looks awesome!

  • Jen’s information is correct with the Open Edition being 6 as well as the assortment. These will also be available at D-Street on 6/8

  • They put up images of the remaining 2 figures in the Vault section of the VM blog. The other 2 are root bear and grape soda.

  • i think that the reason their arms are stationary is so that they can smell. look at romantic treats! their arms are like that too :P

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