A New Disney Pin Podcast

Once upon a time, in an enchanted Kingdom full of magic and dreams, there lived a handsome Prince. His name was Pins Charming, and he had all he could ever want, but for one thing… Disney Pins. One day, a merry Pin Trader named Rapinzel came traveling through the Kingdom spreading the joy of Pin collecting to all the land. The Prince was so overtaken with happiness that he teamed up with the Pin Trader to shout all the latest pin news from the highest hills to the lowest valleys. Get ready for a fantastic adventure as we join our Once Upon a Pin hosts, Pins Charming and Rapinzel… aka Nick and Rachel.

Introducing a new podcast dedicated to Disney Pins. Each show, we will run down the latest Disney Pin release calendar. We decided to break the releases down by locations such as WDW/DLR shared pins, WDW exclusives, DLR exclusives, Disneyland Paris, Disney Soda Fountain and more.

The releases are followed by a calendar of events (trading, merchandise and signings). We will of course cover the latest pin news as well. This is were we will preview upcoming merchandise and review pins that just hit stores. Most shows will also include a feature section. In the first episode, we reviewed the Star Wars Weekend pins.

If you collect Disney Pins, and would like all the information delivered in a fast paced, entertaining format, I think you will enjoy this new show. As with Destination Vinylmation, we of course need your help to collect all the info. So you will be a big part of the show as well. We plan on a 30-60 minute episode every other week. Take a listen to the first episode, and let us know what you think.

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