CYO Vinylmation 95 Lightning McQueen

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Update 6/15/12 The WDW release had been delayed until June 29. It will still release at DLR on June 15.

Update 6/13/12 We have a price point for the CYO Vinylmation 95. It will be $39.95 according to the Disney Vinylmation Events page.

On June 15th, a Create Your Own version of the new 9″ Lightning shaped Vinylmation will release at WDW and DLR.

Custom artists…. what are your ideas? And remember, Noah launches his customs on this platform on June 9th at DTD Disneyland.

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  • Do we know the price point of this yet? Could make it more popular if the price isn’t too high.
    I’m not a fan to be honest. Cars is well represented in Vinylmation and yet the film and it’s sequel were not very successful nor hugely popular. The main target audience with the Cars films is young boys, who will not have the money to buy one of these or the room to display them. Therefore it fulls upon customizers and car enthusiasts to buy these up.
    There are several different character molds that would have been more asthetically pleasing and popular. MindStyle haven’t created much with their Stitch mold, would love to see a Donald Duck mold, and Walle would have looked awesome.
    Just hoping the Artists can make these look fantastic. Although I don’t think much of Noah’s, he can create brilliant pieces of artwork, but his Cars piece looks nothing like his previous work.
    On the other hand looking forward to seeing Miss Mindy’s piece, as her work is always outstanding and alot of care goes into them. Also excited to see what Lyla Warren comes up with as it’s often inspired by mythical creatures.

  • I cannot decide if I like this mold or not. It’s obviously made with Lightning McQueen in mind, but looking back at my other diecast Cars cars, there are lots of the other race characters that would translate just fine onto the mold. Honestly, I cannot visualize Mickey, Donald, or other mainstream Disney characters making this Vinylmation into a piece of art, but I can always be surprised. As I mentioned in other posts previously, I think 95 would sell better as a 3″ as far as a typical prepainted vinylmation goes, the 9″ may be a better canvas for CYOs.

    Penguin…..The original Cars movies was one of my favorites. One of the biggest surprises to others is that the true collectors of 3″ diecast Cars characters are adults. I personally have over 125 different Cars character cars. I have bought and sold many of the diecast Cars cars for $50-100 over the last few years. I remember waiting for new cases to come out reminiscent of Disney Afternoon lines. Most kids aren’t going to be able to afford those elevated prices. Disney may have intended for kids to buy the diecast cars, but didn’t realize they wouldn’t make it past Dad’s sticky hands. ;-)

    This 95 mold seems to me to be a more flexible canvas than the Monorail mold has been, but it’s still no OLD mold Mickey.

  • WOW!!!!! I can’t believe Disney is actually making these in a CYO!!!!! I mean Noahs design is absolutely HIDEOUS!!!!!! He’s done some good designs but his recent work is very sloppy,poorly done, hideous, OVER PRICED, and just down right UGLY!!!! Disney you really need to stop what your doing and go back to your roots, stick with one mold and have the artist make good design at REASONABLE PRICES!!!!!

  • There are some great characters that can be done on this mold. There’s Herbie the Love Bug and Benny from Roger Rabbit. You could also do Cruella DeVille’s car.

  • As a CYO I am fine with this IF the price isn’t ridiculously high. Target and craft stores have create your own different molds (non-disney) that are priced nicely and are fun for kids.

  • “the film [Cars] and it’s sequel were not very successful nor hugely popular” HAHAHA! Are you kidding me? They were both HUGE successes!

    • Cars 2 is the lowest grossing film for Pixar. It also has a score of 38% on rotten Tomatoes, again the lowest for Pixar. The second lowest is Cars. Numerous critics have also given it low scores and mixed reviews. Also for the many sites that rank the pixar films cars and cars 2 are usually at the bottom, accompanied with bugs life. What popularity that it has is mainly the fact that it has cars in it.

      • Critics and Rotten Tomatoes have no say in what sells in regards to merch, and on that front Cars does extremely well.

        • In all my comments about success I’m refering to the film. The merchandise sells because it has cars on it. If you took the cars away from the equation and replaced it with say snails (which seems to be an upcoming Dreamworks production:lol:) the merchandise would not sell.

  • I could see a characters driving set come out of this. (Figment in a pruple car!) or a “Disney Racers” inspired line.

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