Hayley Nance’s 6/9/12 Cars Land And Buena Vista Street Photo Report

DLNT Reporter Hayley Nance was lucky enough to be able to attend one of the Cars Land and Buena Vista Street annual passholder previews and took a plethora of newsworthy photos of both new land at DCA. On to the photos!

There was a big line to get in

A special map provided to those attending the event

Wristband for the event

Everyone was so happy…

First ride, Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree

Reviews have been surprisingly popular for this ride so far

Filming on Route 66

The queue for Radiator Springs Racers was pretty long

Yes, they built the fountain from the movie…. awesome

Neat bench

Lighting McQueen out meeting guests

Ramone’s House of Stroller Parking… I mean body art

We know you’ve been waiting for it… new trashcans!

The hoods displayed at the D23 Expo are in the windows

The entrance to Luigi’s Flying Tires

Side entrance to Ramone’s

Stanley’s statue

The Fastpass machines that wont be used for a while. Racers’ fastpass will be distributed at the former It’s Tough To Be A Bug location

More filming

The path to Pacific Wharf

Now for a walk through the Racers queue


The Radiator Spring

Stanley and Lizzie getting married

There is a house made of oil bottles…

In the boarding area

I spot a WDW bag… anyway…

The attention to detail is insane

Yes, there is an on-ride photo

The word is that the Single Rider line moves quickly if you don’t mind your party being split up

Luigi’s Flying Tires

Path to Bugs Landhas neat sign, selling the land as a tourist trap along Route 66…


Curio shop

It’s funny where DCA impedes on Cars Land, like the Boudin Bakery visible from Fillmore’s

Plenty of fruit and drinks available


YES! The cone umbrellas from the movie!

Flo’s Breakfast Menu


Alright, lets move on out

Buena Vista Street time! A leather jacket featuring the Storytellers statue

Plenty of sweets at Trolley Treats

Mad T Party candy…



Pluto out on the street in his fancy new duds

Ads inside the trolley are brilliant. Take note of the Hollywood Tower Hotel before the tallest tower was added

Let’s take this puppy for a spin…

The new guest relations building is the Chamber of Commerce

More new trashcans!


It’s amazing what paint can do to this old facade

Back in Cars Land, Red was out

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget, DLNT will have continuing coverage of all things opening at DCA and Disneyland over the next week, including coverage of the media festivities June 13th-15th! Stay tuned!

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8 years ago

Looks amazing! Can't wait to see it in person next week