Photos & Video: Cars Wing Opens at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

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Thanks to WDWNT photographers Jeff Lukas and Adam Roth, we have an in-depth look at the Cars wing of Disney’s Art of Animation Resort which opened recently. Let’s take a look:

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Welcome to Radiator Springs

Doc Hudson



One building enters through Tow Mater’s junkyard


The Cadillac Range

The Cozy Cone office has restrooms

Another building enters through Casa Della Tires

Unlike in the movie, the sign spins



The Cozy Cones are first-come first-serve cabanas

The back building is the Wheel Well Motel

Lightning McQueen



Sarge’s Surplus Hut


The interior hallways look great

Hidden mickey in the carpet

A look inside the rooms

The sink area looks like a car wash

The table has a map of Route 66

Convertible sofa… GET IT?

Awww, Mater is sleeping

The Lion King wing opens August 10th


Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Back to Cars

Flo’s license plate

Ramone’s plate

Hidden car

Alright… that’s too cool

Looking back towards Nemo

Here’s a video of the new wing:

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  • Interesting.I like the look,but this is just another Movies Resort like Allstar Movies.The whole complex should have been themed entirely different than what it is. But I am not against it, I just would have preferred something different than the direction that these so-called "imagineers" seem to be going in these days. I read somewhere once that it seems that these "imagineers" are "dumbing down" the themes and wiping out the classic stuff like at Epcot from the Living Seas to this Nemo theme. I mean really? Do we want to be bombarded in every park,at every water park,in every resort or all through Downtown Disney with nothing but characters and their movie themes? I for one want to see the older Disney come back. Now don't get me wrong, I love Disney and WDW. I grew up watching all the Disney shows and movies on tv and Disney has a special place in my heart. But everything and every place at WDW should not be completely themed in characters and their movie themes. 

    • There are over 20 resort hotels at Walt Disney World and a whopping 2 have rooms or buildings that are linked to Disney films. Let's not forget that when Disneyland opened, every attraction was connected to some product of Walt Disney. The companies products today are films and televisions shows more in the realm of Fantasy, so that is what 90% of the new additions are. The company doesn't currently have Westerns and things of that nature, so the animated and live action film libraries are what there is to draw from. People like stepping into things they are familiar with more-so than things they are not. This is not to say that things like "it's a small world" and The Haunted Mansion aren't beloved, but attractions with tie-ins to well known properties do better as people can associate it with what they know. 

      On a side note, if you are going to use the term "imagineers" like that, maybe you should stop going to the parks. How would you feel if someone put your job title in parenthesis? These aren't all the guys who built DCA and Studios Paris confined by budgets and I think most projects over the last 5 years or so have been wonderful and creative.

  • I think disney did a great job. You go to WDW for one reason, because you love disney, if you want to see something else go to another park, for me there is nothing like Walt Disney World. From the first time my wife and myself came down in 1994 we fell in love with it. That is why we have to come down to wdw every year. Its a place to go and forget all of you daily worries and just have fun. We are comeing down again in october and I just can't wait, se you real sooooooooon.

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