A tease of Pixar Series 1 Vinylmation

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Pictures from Daniel Jue

Over on the facebook page, Vinylmation Exchange, Daniel Jue posted this picture from comic con. It’s the first look at the Pixar Series 1. We speculated on this when we saw the Carl and Ellie two pack and it’s packaging made reference to it. It looks like MC was right and the series will be a normal 12 figure blind box series. (That’s speculation at the moment, but the display with 3 loose characters seems to point to it.) This would make the Carl and Ellie figures the first LE from that series. Here’s our breakdown.


From: Finding Nemo

Great use of clear.

King Fergus

From: Brave (2012)

Another peg leg! (For the first one see the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides vinylmation)


From: UP

Simple, but classic.

Let the speculation begin. Who else would you like for this series?

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  • sully, roz, mr. potato head, flick, (any robot) from wall.e, remy, and something from the pixar shorts

  • First off, this weeks podcast will be insane. Atleast 90 minutes.

    Here’s my idea for pixar set.

    I think series 1 will probably stay away from Toy Story and Cars.

    1.) Nemo
    2.) King Fergus
    3.) Dug
    4.) Flik
    5.) Hopper (new John Cater mold)
    6.) Mr. Incredible
    Variant- Mr. Incredible in blue and black 1960’s outfit
    7.) Remy
    8.) Russell
    9.) Mike Wazowski
    10.) Randall Boggs
    Variant- clear with painted spots
    11.) Captain B. McCrea
    Chase- Jack Jack
    Chase Variant- Jack Jack on fire

    Le Box set- Violet with Rhino ball (intended as force field)
    Le Box set- Lamp and Ball (logo)

  • I don’t care what this series has, it’s a Pixar series! :lol:
    Although fingers crossed for a Crush figure, even better a a Crush & Squirt two pack.

  • I don’t think your gonna see too many two packs. The thing with pixar movies is that every movie has a duo or two, and although you could do them all in two packs, you would lose vital characters that carry the line. I think most duo’s will be split up amongst multiple series’s to promote sales.

    • I would have agreed but we’ve already seen 3 2 packs from Pixar over the years.

  • I’m not saying we won’t see anymore, just not of main characters. They’ve already used up Wall-E, Eve, Lightning and Mater, which of course can be re-done, but I think 2 packs will be left for obscure characters or characters that have to go together (Monsters Inc. Child Detection Agent (john carter new mold) and George Sanderson with socks on him and or a version full shaven. But I really think the main characters are gonna be left to carry the line.

  • A little controversial but I’d LOVE to see another Wall-E vinyl made.

    It’s evident it’s a popular film and most people will never obtain a set without selling newborns or giving up limbs.

    It can even be different by giving him a dirtied, worn design, with dirt as the feet.

  • Head exploding…Pixar series too much to bear… can’t wait for Mechanical Kingdom, Star Wars 2, John Carter, and Pixar takes the cake. I want to see a Frozone/Mr. Incredible two-pack (is it too much to ask for a Bomb Voyage?). How about a 3″ Crush with 3 Jr. little turtles…Any way they could get a MO in there would make me happy…

    • Wow. Some great ideas!
      Start thinking now about which series you’ll vote for in this year’s DeeVee Award for Most Anticipated!

  • A little disappointed that this seems like a Parks team designed series, because I think the Disney Store artists would have knocked it out of the park with this set, but I love Pixar and I hope we get some great new villains out of this set. I really want Randall, Hopper, and Auto-Pilot.

  • Totally excited for this series and I am loving the idea Michael had for Randall Boggs with a variant of clear with painted spots!! I am in love with this series already!!

  • I am really excited for this set. It would be amazing if they included lots of Pixar short characters in these Pixar series. This may just be a case buy for me…

  • I’m sorry but, Dug’s color looks off and seems flat also. I hope this is just the lighting. Nemo looks very good though, like the use of the clear on him. The body base reminds me a lot of the Annual Pass holder Little mermaid figure.

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