Dirk Wallen’s 7/29/12 WDW Photo Report

WDWNT Reporter Dirk Wallen took a trip around some of the resort hotels and Downtown Disney yesterday and he was nice enough to share some newsworthy photos to share with us from his trip:

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Wow, that looks like it would kill me…


Halloween merchandise is out

They now have color changing lanyards which turn colors in the sunlight

The Casitas building at Coronado Springs is getting a refurbishment

The pictures on the large wall at All-Star Music are gone, probably to be replaced after fading in the sunlight

Moving to Downtown Disney, Characters in Flight is still down for replacement

The balloon is being re-engineered after an accident overseas a few weeks ago

Work continues on Splitsville, but it honestly doesn’t look like much has changed here…

Now I know nothing has changed over here…

Disney does their best to keep guests entertained on Pleasure Island as they move between districts

The Mickey and Minnie statue at Disney’s Pin Traders has been removed

A quick trip to the LEGO Imagination Center

Lord of the Rings? Man, that is creepy…

Mavericks of Mayhem merchandise by Noah has landed at WDW

Plenty of Grumpy merchandise

The new mouse ear ornaments come in a wide variety

The horror… THE HORROR!

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Jennifer Bureau
Jennifer Bureau
8 years ago

I can't believe I'm admitting to this but I think on our next trip we'll be picking up a Duffy bear. *sigh* My son saw one and is in love now. It's like Build a Bear but at Disney (he says). 


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Julie Hawkins Isbell
8 years ago

LOVE THE PICTURES! thanks so much for sharing them! and love the duffy at the end! i will be adding him to my collection when i go in december! thanks, again, for the awesome pictures!

8 years ago

my son adores his duffy bear. He cuddles him every night when he goes to bed and he is so excited to go in October and start buying costumes for him.

8 years ago

Is the red statue of the musician actually a living statue? I had hoped they would someday bring them back at EPCOT.

Kerri Willmott Wood
8 years ago

AHHHH we love Duffy! Nobody had heard of Duffy in the U.K. Now all my kids' friends are getting them when they go! looking forward to seeing Paris Duffy in a few weeks!