Park 9 Explained

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Park 9
Release Date: July 13th 2012 (D-Streets), July 20 (Online)
Price: $12.95
(Park 9 LE Explained)

Update: 7/8/12 Updated with Combo Topper.

Update: 7/2/12 Disney released product shots of all 12 figures INCLUDING CHASER! See below. Also, Skyway picture points to variant.

Update: 6/22/12 Release date set for July 13, 2012. Dates for Park 9 LE’s released too, find those here.

Update: 6/11/12 Product shot of Typhoon Lagoon Gator added below.

Update: 5/14/12 Added some of our own Pin photos. Also added Dumbo Vinyl pic and release date!

Update: 8/28/11 According to, Dole Whip is the 11th figure and three of these have variants. Skyway and Dapper Dan have color variants and the AK Bat has an eyes open variant.

Thanks to @Kajiholic and a mistake by Downtown Disney in Anaheim, we have a look at Park 9.

Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World
Lin Shih

“I just want it to look like nothing else in the world. And it should be surrounded by a train.” —Walt Disney

The #2 Engine at WDW is named Lilly Belle after Lilian Disney, Walt’s wife. It was built in 1928, the same year Mickey Mouse was born. It no longer carries guests around the Magic Kingdom, but is used exclusively for the daily park opening ceremonies.

Camp Minnie-Mickey Bear
Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World
Caley Hicks

This bear awaits guest at the entrance to this Animal Kingdom area.

Dapper Dan
Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World
Thomas Scott

These guys serenade guests up and down Main Street USA.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant
Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World
Caley Hicks

This classic Disney attraction has entertained guests young and old since 1955 in Disneyland. It is a staple in all 5 Disney parks worldwide. Some people have suggested it might be Jumbo, Dumbo’s mom.

Flick’s Flyers
Disney’s California Adventure
Maria Clapsis

I didn’t know what this one was, then a reader let us know. The very next day I visited Disney’s California Adventure for the first time and saw them for myself. There are various designs using different type boxes… this one is raisins.

Fruit Bat
Maharajah Jungle Trek, Animal Kingdom
Casey Jones

At Animal Kingdom in Orlando there are two can’t miss walking animal tours. On the Maharajah, you get to walk through the bat section. These creatures are hanging out all over the place in there.

Phantom Manor
Disneyland Paris
Thomas Scott

This guy appears in several locations in the Disneyland Paris version of the Haunted Mansion, but mostly in the graveyard and Phantom Canyon scenes

Casey Jones

There was a Skyway at Disneyland, Magic Kingdom and Tokyo Disneyland. They all took you on a ride between Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. They are all now closed.

The pin based on this vinyl is green. There was already speculation, but this increases the odds there will be variants of this one.

Typhoon Lagoon Gator
Walt Disney World
Casey Jones

Lagoona Gator is the mascot of the Typhoon Lagoon water park at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. The park opened in 1989 and is home to the world’s largest wave pool. This gator is not to be confused with the blue Blizzard Beach Gator named Ice Gator.

Castaway Cay
Disney Cruise Line
Billy Davis

A cool underwater Mickey statue. Custom Artist Brian Shapiro sent us a pic he took while snorkeling around the inspiration for this figure:

Pineapple Dole Whip

A favorite frozen treat of park guests. Served at Disneyland, Walt Disney World and Disney’s Polynesian Resort… this figure, with the umbrella and cherry, represents the West Coast version.

Mystery Chaser

Click Mystery Chaser picture to reveal the chaser!

Combo Topper

Brave Little Tailor (1938)
Voiced by: Walt Disney
Release Date: July 27 D-Streets
Great looking figure.

Dapper Dan Variants

In addition to the regular Red, there are Purple, Yellow and Blue variants.

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Nick LoCicero has almost 20 years experience in the media industry. He has worked on numerous Disney related media projects, most know at WDWNT for WDW News Tonight. He has been visiting Walt Disney World since 1982. After moving to Orlando in the late 90's he became a passholder, developed a fascination with the history of the vacation kingdom and has spent way too much money on park merchandise.


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  • I feel like these are less inspired than previous Parks series. The Dumbo is cute but it’s been done. HK, Florida Project.

    Also is it just me or does it look like Camp Minnie-Mickey Bear has a Hitler mustache??

  • If Disney puts these on the OLD mold, I will buy a case for sure! Nice colors and variety of attractions. If they put it on the NEW mold, then twppppppppp!! :-)

  • Brad – I think you need to get over the new mold vs the old mold thing – it is quite clear that most people prefer the old mold but it is equally clear that Disney are changing to the new mold. You will have to get used to it or just not buy any more vinylmation – either way it doesn’t help to keep reiterating the old mold vs new mold debate in every post!

    • I feel that if people make enough of a fuss or not buy the new series, then Disney may take notice and go back. If we don’t like the new mold, we should vote with our wallets. Apparently Thomas Scott was overwhelmed by how many people at D23 told him they don’t like the new mold. The more complaining and not buying we do, the more likely it is someone may get done.

      I agree with Brad, the series is pretty unremarkable, but I would get some on the old mold. On the new mold, the only one that interests me is the Phantom.

  • i just want to thank you for posting reference pictures of the vinyls. Even though most of the time we know what the figure is suppose to represent, its nice having a comparison photo next to it. It’s those little things like that, that bring me back to this site.

  • Finally Dumbo makes an appearance (apart from the exclusives) maybe the Variant will be Dumbo with his clown Make-up on. I would LOVE that !!!!

  • The 11th figure is a Dole Whip figure. The Chaser is a Tower of Terror Bellhop. The Combo Topper is Mickey in a Tuxedo.

  • I believe the figure you have listed as Living Seas is in fact Cruise Line related. It looks like the Mickey figure you can view while snorkeling on Castaway Cay.

  • Most of the designs in this series are spot on Park representations. The kind of designs that make the Park series number 1 on Vinylmation collectors lists. The HTH Bellhop is a perfect chaser. However, the Fruit Bat, Dole Whip (sorry Nick), and Flick’s Flyer lean to the lame side.

  • how ironic that the variants for p9 (dapper dans) are visible in the picture on this page :)

  • I agree with Brad and Rust! Bring back the old MOLD! Vinylmation sales would skyrocket on the old mold.

  • Sorry but that Dapper Dan design is just lazy! His face looks terrible, they should’ve had Maria Clapsis do that one. Thomas Scott’s designs always leave me with something to be desired. Also that Dumbo is just sad, where is his hat accessory? I don’t want a painted on one!

  • Anyone know what the stock level is on Park Series 8? I will be at WDW July 28th and need to buy a full set for my collection.

    • Returned a week ago and there are no Park 8s available. No official confirmation on whether or not they will restock but apparently they had a buy one get on 75% off deal to clear out inventory.

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