Tim Alcoser’s 4th Of July Disneyland Photo Report

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DLNT Reporter Tim Alcoser was at the Disneyland Resort for the 4th of July and grabbed some photos of the special festivities as well as the huge crowds that came to the resort on Independence Day. Take a look…

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This sign has Sam the Eagle and Ollie Owl from America Sings on it. Neat.

A new gallery has opened up on Main Street, replacing the Disneyland Railroad gallery.

The new exhibit Crowning Achievements has opened in the Disney Galley.

Packed crowds hours before the fireworks.

Busy day on Main Street

The All American College Band starts off the festivities before the parade.

The All-Star American College Band out before the parade

The 3rd Division Marine Aircraft Wing Band makes it's way down Main Street USA.

A Gunnery-Sergeant leads the team.

The 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing Band marching down Main Street

Even cast members pause a moment to cheer on the band.

The Marine Band played at the Big Thunder Jamboree.

More crowds than Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree has ever seen.

The Marine on the far left is not wearing a white belt because he is an officer, and they wear different belts.

Two female Marines play the

We will have video up tomorrow of the performance

I take a brief pause from the hustle and bustle of The Hub.

One of the busiest days of the year for Disneyland.

Crowds waiting for Celebrate America

Everyone is crammed in tight.  But being a single viewer, I am able to just barely squeeze in a small spot.

I duck into the Main Street Theater to escape the crowds. Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading

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Great pictures! We are traveling down to spend the week at Disneyland in just over a week…hope the crowds aren't as bad, wow!


Fabulous pics! I love your website. It really is the best one out there in my opinion.

Nauska from Alaska
Nauska from Alaska

Great pictures. My family got a bench in front of the castle for the fireworks. We had to stay there from 2 PM. By the looks of the pictures it was worth the wait.