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Almost as fast as Carl and Ellie appeared on the DisneyStore.com last night around Midnight PST… they were gone.

By all accounts they were available for around 20 minutes. But already there are accounts of confirmation emails yet DSO doesn’t show record of your purchase. People adding items to carts, but not able to check out. Slow loading pages where the figures could not be accessed. I was among the frustrated that went to add a set to my cart only to find them not available on the next page. Tell us your story and let us know what time you were or were not able to grab this combo set? And what does this mean for the rest of the week’s purchases?

Also, if you are a Comic Con attendee, did you try to purchase through your QR code yet? I’m hearing that avenue says Sold Out as well, but I do not have any confirmation if they were ever available through that route.

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  • QR reader was pointless. Attendees were told the vinyls would be up at midnight and the only way to purchase was through the code. The code took you to comic con boy and girl well after midnight, then to the homepage of the Disney Store, and then eventually to Carl and Ellie after it was sold out.

  • I was scanning the code from before midnight :P. Noticed the change in the QR code (brought you to a different link) so knew something was about to happen. They became available around 12:20am. I had thankfully prepped my account at DS.com with all the important info so I could just click click click. And boy did I go through that whole process so fast. Purchased at 12:26am. Got my confirmation email too. These were the only ones I wanted. So happy!

  • I stayed up till 12:03 am PST to pick up this set and I am so glad that I did! I saw a tweet saying that it was available and I jumped at the opportunity to purchase these! As a collector, I was never a huge proponent of being greedy and purchasing more than 2 just to sell later on eBay to make profit so I just went ahead and got one in hopes that other people get an opportunity to pick this set up.

    All in all, this set lasted for approximately 30 minutes online before it was sold out. I never stayed up late before for a Vinylmation set but once I saw these two, I just knew I had to get them!

    For those of you who weren’t so lucky, I wish you guys all the best next time and hopefully you guys don’t have to break your backs trying to get your hands on these because some of the prices on eBay are just ridiculous. Happy hunting!

  • I purchased my set at about 12:14am and I got my confirmation email and order number…so glad I stayed up and hopefully my order is good to go!!! It was my first time staying up for a vinylmation, I was in chat rooms and following threads on Facebook when someone posted the link. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have found Carl and ellie! Woohoo! It was a rush! I definitely wish now that I got 2 sets, one to keep mint. But I’m so happy I got a set for myself! I won’t sleep easy until they are physically in my hands haha!!

  • I was one of those who lost the set when I was checking out. I put in my cc info and hit confirm for my order and he screen came back and said the set was no longer available. Total bummer!!

  • I purchased mine from the Disney Store Online at 12:17am PST. I first saw the link posted on Facebook Looks like I should be getting them (I ordered 2), I checked my account online and there is a record of my purchase along with my purchase confirmation. Good thing I did order 2 because a friend of mine that tried at 12:30am PST had his vinyl in his cart, but when he tried to complete the order he got the “oops, this item is no longer aviable….” alert. I guess I will sell him my extra!

    I like how this sale created so much excitement back to Vinyl releases! There were many tweets, FB posts, even chat rooms created for this event! But I do hope if they do a Pixar series, it isn’t limited edition 2 packs every few months. Seems like there would be a lot of tired, disappointed collectors out there!

    • Where you around for the Disney Afternoon series? It was the same kinda thing, 2 packs released over a span of several months. Each time they were online only, lots of people got disappointed.

      • I was around for that series, but after hearing the problems for the first 2 pack released I didn’t even try for any of those! I tried for this set because it was Pixar related and there was so much talk about this set, it seemed like a “must have”!

  • You would think after all of their problems online, they would use a brain cell or two and just set a standard for online releases. I am lucky I stayed up, as part of me thought they would release them in the mid-morning like the boy and girl set. After all of their problems, they have to add in QR codes to make it more complicated.

    I was also not a fan that the limit on this set was 4 per order. Usually it is has been 2 on LE items.

  • This was one of the most disappointing releases ever! Got to go to Comic Con, got the QR code and yet I was still unable to make the purchase. Wanna know why? There were some people that are freakin greedy as hell. You would think that since Disney for being so dumb putting a limit of 4 per customer was way more than enough for each customer. There were guys here scanning different codes on their papers and sending the image to their friends. Telling them to save the code and go on at midnight to buy it. Well now you know why some of us couldn’t even buy 1. All I wanted was 1 !!! Now they’re all over Ebay on sale for $150 or more. This is the reason why Vinylmation collecting has been dramatically slowing down and alot of the original collectors are selling their sets.

    Don’t be alarmed when you start seeing cheap or reasonable prices for older series all over the internet. To new collectors, it’s a dream come true but to someone that truly believes they can make a living off of making about $40-$100 on vinyls. You’re stupid! Get a real job losers!

    It’s obvious that Disney needs to learn to set new limits or make more quantities of ones they know will sell out. Theres no point in limiting it to 1500 or 2000 if it’s going to sell out then end up on Ebay. They probably think the 5000 of the Popcorn ones are going to sell out. Really? Over this Up set? Whomever is in charge of the marketing is stupid.

    This fad is slowly dying and soon people will realize its nothing but toys that collect dust when all the Ebayers go out and ruin it for everyone else. Give it some time and just like any FAD, it’ll fade out and these will be on yard sales. Nothing will ever hold it’s value as much as Park 1 and even that has dropped in pricing recently.

  • Well, I guess I was one of the many who were disappointed and didn’t get a set. I got up early too, but I guess was just a few minutes too late as it wouldn’t let me add it to the cart. REALLY bummed.

    If you ask me, the real problem was that DS let people buy 4 per order. What happened to the supposedly strict rule of 2 per LE vinyl??? If I were DS I would partially cancel orders for people who bought more than 2 and re-release those sets so others like me can have another chance.

    • I think DIsney thought they were going to get burned on the Up set like they did with Comic Con Boy & Girl, which didn’t sell out. So they “Upped” (pun) the limit on the Carl/Ellie set to 4 per customer from the normal 2. CC Boy/Girl is still on sale as I write this.

  • My confirmation says 2:29am Central time. Apparently, I was one of the last to get my order in. Until I have them in hand (or at least a confirmed shipping #), I am not 100% confident.

    I started looking at 2:00 Central time and refreshed every 5 mins or so until 2:15, but they didn’t actually show up for order until around 2:20 on my computer. After I had all my info entered during checkout, I went to see if D23 had extented their 10% discount. In fact they had, so I had to back up a step in the order process and enter the code for my discount. Then I proceeded through checkout again after entering my cc info. It took my order with the 10% discount and free shipping. When I got my confirm email, I was a happy camper. Last year, when Duck Tails or one of those HTF Diz Afternoon was up for sale, I went back to get my discount code, I lost out. You would think that I would learn eventually and be prepared. LOL

  • My date/time stamp is 2:07 CST, so that’s just a little past Midnight PST. I was able to use the free shipping and the DMRJULY code for $15 off. I have my confirmation email but like others have stated I will believe it when I see them outside my door.

  • I’m so mad because I went on at 315 EST and there was no Carl and Ellie on the DS website. I never thought to look on twitter or Facebook to see what anyone was saying. And now I’ve lost out on two great vinyls. I’m hoping they come out again but well see

  • I’d like to send out a plea to people to NOT purchase these from sharks. The only way to stop it is to give them no business. Just be careful and everyone keep this fun.

    • The problem is, people want the item NOWWW. Quite frankly, I find this method of desire asinine. For one thing, with the rush of people hiking the prices on eBay and in trade forums, the interest drops as more are able to obtain it. So by 6-8 months, most people will move on to the next newest, latest vinyl(s). And the set you purchased for $175 will therefore be worth half the price you paid.

      It’s the consumer market. A frustrating market.

  • Anything collectible will inevitably attract people to try to make a profit. That’s the nature of the beast. If everything was always available whenever anyone wanted at retail price, like some of you are hoping for from Disney … the collectibility goes down the tubes, and so does the hobby.

    • That may be true BUT whomever is in charge of marketing definitely didn’t do their homework. How is it possible to have 5000 of the Popcorn Dumbos and yet only 2000 of the Carl and Ellie? I’m almost certain that the Dumbos would stay on the shelves and be marked down in a sale later. If there were enough UP vinylmations, the ebayers wouldn’t make a dime and this collecting can go on. Disney can and will always make money but they could’ve made more money by releasing something that they certainly know will sell out. It can only continue to be fun and a hobby if people enjoy it instead of obtaining it for 4xs the price b/c someone else decided to buy 4 and make a couple extra bucks off it. That will kill the hobby faster than anything. Disney inspires and will sell as long they have good designs. So why not release more on good ones? Instead of ones like the Dumbo. Someone in marketing needs to do their homework or get fired.

      • Same can be said for the Park Starz variants.

        It’s cliche, but I HATE that most Haunted Mansion collectibles released automatically has a LE 999. Haven’t they realized that the Bride was the most popular figure from Park Starz? And yet they made 2500 Yetis and 2500 Abes. And honestly, the Yeti isn’t as interesting nor is the Abe that desirable compared to the PS Bride variant. So WHY even make the most popular, one that everyone will be fighting tooth and nail over, the most limited? >_<

  • I’m so lucky I was able to get these! I also got an email confirmation of my purchase so I cannot wait to finally get them! It’s amazing to see the UP set currently going for $150-200 on eBay as we speak! I feel extremely bad who weren’t so lucky last night.

  • the QR code didnt do anything. what you had to do was type in “comic con carl” or something like that and it brought you to the page. 12:13 PST was when i checked out.

  • Just went to check the site now, got one in my cart and checked out, who knows if i’ll get it. Worth a try.

    • I got 1 also (hopefully it wasn’t a computer system fluke). It looks like they are limiting them to 2 this time. Good luck everyone!

  • Just got one as well and received an email confirmation. I’m so excited! I hope it’s for real and not a fluke! I was so disappointed!

  • went to DS.com about 45 mins ago. the ‘Sold Out’ indication was gone, but it would not allow me to add 2 items to my cart. it DID, however, allow me to actually add 1 set, and go all the way through the process to purchase it. i actually did this twice – and got 2 order #’s and 2 receipts. however, since i was charged twice for shipping, i called guest services to have them combine the shipment. i was promptly told that the set is, indeed, sold out and it’s only a “hiccup” in the system that allowed it to be re-posted this evening. they said i would receive an email shortly cancelling the order.

    not what i wanted to hear…but not surprising from DS.com…

  • I stayed up, and set my alarm for 12 and 3, but searched “vinylmation” and not “Carl” so I didn’t get one. I tried again this afternoon, and got excited only to be let down. What an emotional roller coaster this has been. Not worth it!

  • I was up at 3am eastern… The set went up and I bought two… Waited 15 mins and it was STILL available. I was shocked! Just for s&g, I ordered 3 more with free shipping and the second order went through as well… I really can’t say I pity the people who didn’t get it. It was available for 30 MINUTES! I was able to place 2 orders witb time to spare, I got 2 hours of sleep and then worked 9 hours while people peacefully slept and awoke to the *shock and disappointment* that it was sold out. Put in the time and reap the reward, people! You snooze, you lose! (literally, lol).

    • So what exactly are you going to do with the other four sets? Bragging in this way is really ill-advised because a lot of people are disappointed they didn’t get one shame on you for being so greedy!

  • Its not like they were free… if they were, that would be greedy. I lost sleep, I paid money, how is that greedy?

    • The reason why they’re stating you’re greedy is bc it seems that your intentions is to resell it for alot more. I understand you may want yours for free but to buy a bulk amount and sell each for 100 or more is just wrong. but hey whatever helps you sleep at night.

    • Hey I lost sleep too and I was willing to pay money, so why did you walk away with five while I got none? Regardless of how you got them whether for free or by paying, taking more than you actually NEED is being greedy. You wanted five so you got five, and to post your story here when there are several disgruntled people who didn’t get their set is just in poor taste.

    • To quote the dictionary…
      “selfish and excessive desire for more of something than is needed”
      You only need one set, so purchasing five would be greedy.

  • Good thing I did not even bother. I knew a bunch of people would buy multiples but at 4 per person that is just ridiculous especially since some were able to place multiple orders. Instead of being innovative they need to make money from basically a toy. Another strike that has me purchasing less and less vinylmation, especially when Disney does not have any common sense. Who needs 4 if they are not planning on re-selling, I understand 2 if you want to trade or recoup cost of both. And the case “If people did not sell it, some would not get it” is a load of BS especially for an online thing. Which is why I am always for characters being made again.I would have liked to own it, but it was not a “must” so I am not disappointed, but sorry to those who did.

  • Hello.
    Tried to purchase this set, and the figment today. All sold out.
    Which brings me to my point.
    Why bother collecting if others are intent on, taking all the quantities?
    It is upsetting, that a fun collection could turn into a take all or nothing game.

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