Circus Silent Auction Offers Nearly Released Figures

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Designed but never released. That is a common theme throughout the Mickey Circus silent auction catalog. Many of the items are the usual prototypes and such, but many happen to be figures that were rumored and we were waiting to see or just never saw it past the prototype stage for whatever reason. You can find the catalog PDF here, but some of the highlights include:

This Max figure was made for the Sci Fi Academy event. No vinyls were actually released at this event, but it would have been great to see some Disney robots released at some point in time.

How about that rumored Rex (Former Star Tours attraction robot) Star Wars figure? This looks to be it. Up for auction is a Star Wars Series 1 showroom display board with the entire series on it.
At the bottom you can see a couple 9″ figures, Rex and Wampa. Would have been great to see these made. Although the Wampa would not fit Series 2’s A New Hope theme, Rex could still be a possible, and welcome, release. 

The above two lots show some Urban 9″ figures we never saw released. The artwork for Blue print Mickey can be seen in the display window at Epcot’s Mouse Gears. That lead us to believe he would be released at some date. I really love Jim Valeri’s Ape figure! Great use of mold and design. Thomas Scott’s Cyclopes is pretty darn kick but as well. I really like the drawing style that looks like a storybook.

I find this one the most interesting. By selling the Urban designed Monorails here for auction, does that mean Disney has given up on the non-movie franchise designed Monorails? Did they see a lack of interest or just decided on a new direction? The banana split and (I think) alligator? look cool and I like that they were going to give us a real Monorail in the series, but overall, don’t think I’d purchase any of these via blind box.

 An interesting Obi Wan trio is up for auction. Get the 2 chasers plus an unreleased prototype

 Hmmmm, they do have more Park 4 laying around!!!

 Want some miss-sized Park Starz? …probably not.

Remember that drawing we saw artist Ron Cohee do live at last year’s Florida Project? Now you can by it! He’s an up and coming Vinylmation star, so this should be a good one.

 Every year, Disney offers up a lot of Variants and Chasers… this is no different

Disney will even auction off one of those rare Wall-E and Eve sets. Do you see anything you will be bidding on? What would you most like to add to your collection? How about the unreleased figures… which ones would you have most wanted to see released?

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I would really like a 3″ Rex in a Park series someday. And I hope this means the monorail line will be no more. The monorail vinyl that is a monorail is the only somewhat tempting piece.

Ashley B
Ashley B

It seems like a lot of stuff meant for the trash can… But no doubt each item with go for three figures.