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Welcome, foolish mortals, to the Haunted Mansion Explained page. A 12 figure blind box series based on the classic Haunted Mansion attraction should be released sometime in the Fall of 2011. Do you have room for one more… Vinylmation set in your display? It’s not a stretch to say, this set will be a very popular series. Our tour begins here in this gallery where you see the figures we know to be in this set.

Haunted Mansion Explained
September 21 (WDW), September 22 (DLR)
12 figure blind box series with variants designed by Casey Jones. Casey will hold a signing at each the WDW and DLR releases.

Check out the Variants here!


He is an imposing figure in the Graveyard scene.

Great Caesar’s Ghost

He has a robe and sandals on. Found at the end of the table in the Great Hall.


One of the 3 famed Hitchhiking Ghosts. Now part of a brilliant interactive ending inside the Haunted Mansion were the ghosts “physically” interact with guests using facial recognition mirrors.


Inexplicably missing from the listed set? Is there a way to fit him in as a variant? Combo Topper?

One of the 3 famed Hitchhiking Ghosts. Now part of a brilliant interactive ending inside the Haunted Mansion were the ghosts “physically” interact with guests using facial recognition mirrors.


His majesty is found on a teeter totter over a tombstone with the Queen on one side and him on the other.


She is found haunting the attic. She was given new “life” during recent renovations.

Master Gracey

“Master Gracey laid to rest. No mourning please, at his request.”

His tombstone is found outside the Haunted Mansion. Inside, you can find an aging portrait. 

Hatbox Ghost

Appeared in original Haunted Mansion attraction were his head would disappear and show up in a box he was holding. He was removed because the effect was not working as intended. He can be seen in paintings hanging on the walls of the hallway now. Legend has it that the Animatronic Hatbox Ghost was striped down by Disney Legend Marc Davis and used as Sam the Eagle in America Sings

Singing Bust

On the left of the Florida Project slide, you can see one of the singing busts you find in the graveyard. An easy variant.
Help with name please?

Captain Culpepper Clyne

Found on a portrait inside the WDW attraction as well as in the new interactive queue.

Mystery Chaser

Click on the ? image to reveal the chaser.

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  • The second character could be a Birthday Party Ghost from the Ballroom Scene. The character above the Hat Box Ghost looks to be Master Gracey.

    Nice selection of characters. Unfortunately, it is a set I will NOT be buying because it is on the NEW mold. I am as avid a Haunted Mansion fan as there is. Having over 700+ HM pins in my collection, I was looking forward to this set, but will pass on it unless Disney changes course!!!!

  • Forgot to mention……The chaser would be cool if it had variations of each of Constance’s Husbands!

  • I would assume that the one is Master Gracey :)

    Anyone else thinking this set will be on a clear mold? they are ghosts after all! what type of happy haunt would be soild? ;)

  • Brad B is correct, commonly known as Great Caesar’s Ghost, found sitting at the end of the table in the Grand Hall.

  • the king ghost is from the area where the ghost are dancing hes sitting at the table.he has the same crown. the graveyard king isnt this ghost.

  • I would love to see the singing busts as they are as iconic as the Hitchhiking ghosts, however there are five of them, perhaps a varient? Also like the caretaker and his dog but I don’t know how they would go about fitting that onto a vinylmation. What would look good on a vinyl would be the mummy. Can’t wait to see what the other figures are in this series, hope the chaser isn’t as dissapointing as the Pirates of the Caribbean.

  • I am so looking forward to this series.

    My favorite part of the ride is the singing busts – so hopefully one (or more) of these will be in this series.

    Can’t wait!

  • I made a special box just for the madame leota vinylmation so please can you make a Madame Leota Vinylmation

  • a good design for madame leota would be a heat with a helmet, a body clear w sparkles, and the base in the feet

  • I feel like these are really underwhelming, The characters on the ride have so much personality and these figures just don’t do the happy haunts justice,

  • The Ghost under the Singing Bust looks like the Harp Ghost from the HM Band/Musicians. Wonder if variants may include other band members?

  • Yeah, I’ll agree with what a lot of people are saying: that this set is disappointing. I like the Hatbox Ghost and the Singing Bust, but that’s it. The chaser is pretty bad as it has nothing to do with the character, the bride has weird wrinkles under her eyes for no reason, Master Gracy is just a fat guy. We don’t even have all 3 Hatbox Ghosts, what’s up with that?

    • “We don’t even have all 3 Hatbox Ghosts,…..” Do you possibly mean Hitchhiking Ghosts? I cannot belive they would leave Ezra out of the series. Has to be a variant or Combo Topper at the very least. Just cannot see it otherwise.

      I am kind of let down on the 3 year build up. Hopefully, MCs prediction of a parallel set of the “living versions” of all the ghosts will come true. That would turn this set upside down!!!!!!! Otherwise, it is just average at best.

      • That is what I meant, it was late.

        Ezra’s either a combo topper or missing for a stupid reason. Seriously though, if he’s not included, you’ll have to wonder why would you make a fat Master Gracy or Caesar instead of the most recognizable face of the ride?

  • I love the Haunted Masnion, and I’ll definitely buy a few, but for me this didn’t live up to the wait. The Bride looks Smurfette-like. The translucent blue and green ghosts remind me of the Tron toys I had in the 80’s. Master Gracey could have used some cheekbone lines drawn in to thin his face. I thought it would’ve been cool if you could turn his face around and see a skeleton version of him. I think there are too many ghosts. I know it’s the Haunted Mansion, but if the ghosts aren’t really working well, in my opinion, I’d rather see objects. I would have liked to have seen the room of stairs with glow in the dark footprints, a new version of the wallpaper, one of the stretching room painting characters, a doombuggy, one of the sinister paintings or Leotas Tomb. Speaking of Leota — seriously, no seance room Leota? I can only hope that they are saving her and the graveyard keeper and dog for a Park series. Also, maybe just the overall look is too cutesy and not creepy enough for me. I would have preferred more than one artist take a turn at this set. Heck, have “variants” of all of the characters — each variant could be the same character, but done by a different artist.

    • I too like the idea about “objects.” For whatever reason, the Disney Design Group chooses to focus mostly on characters. And while that is great, I would like more “ideas” related to the attraction. And maybe those are better served in the Park series, but we have seen a departure from that there too. One of my favorite all time figures is the Park 3 Jungle Cruise. I would love a Doom Buggy with a scared guest. One of the portraits on the wall. A HM Cast Member. There is so much to do. But as far as characters… please give me a 3″ Caretaker with Jr. Dog!!!!!

      • A HM Cast Member vinyl would be great! There outfits are so iconic. I can’t believe I forgot about doing that. They just need to do a series 2 with all of our ideas and maybe the missing hitchiking ghost or Leota (that is if we do not see them in some way related to this release).

    • You can click on the mystery image above to see it, but she appears to be Madam Leota in full body form.

  • At first I though the third one from the bottom was George Washington. Then I looked closer and it appears to be Yankee Doodle, with feather in his cap!

    “Yankee Doodle keep it up,
    Yankee Doodle dandy,
    Mind the music and the step,
    And with the girls be handy.”

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