Mickey’s Circus- Park 11

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This series will be entirely DCA themed. There ya go California!

Coming October 2012!

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    • We would be super surprised if they didn’t! Although it could end up being the chaser…

  • Please tell me that carsland will have a large presents in this series (not just the Blind Box series), like new 9-inch of Radiator Springs in the body and the rockwork in the background and combo packs. Looks like it’s going to be my favorite parks set (I live 20 minutes away from DLR and visit once a week)

  • I am most excited for this set than anything else so far revealed at Mickeys Circus. DCA is just a beautiful park and deserves its time in the park series.

  • I’m happy for Disneyland fans, but as a collector of only Disney World Park vinyls I’m disappointed. This set being the second non-Disney World Park set in a row is making me hope Disney brings out Park 12 in November! Also, didn’t DCA already have exclusive vinyls? Maybe Disney should make each Park series have a mixture of all the parks?

  • Hopefully from Seties 12 forward they will stick to a mixture from the different parks each release. That way everyone all over the world get a few to chase.

  • I have to say, as I like to visit both WDW and DLR, I am excited for this set. I really like DCA the park and am glad to see it get more representation. However, having said that, I wish the Park series would go back to having a mixture of parks/resorts represented as opposed to having one set be totally dedication to 1 park/resort. There are some people that only collect WDW vinyls and vice versa for DLR. I think by having whole sets exclusive to one park or another, it just makes the potential buyer pool smaller as less people will be interested in that series. Just my 2 cents, though.

  • Being that Park 11 is the first series to be based solely on one park it will be interesting to see how successful and popular it is, especially interesting to see how it sells outside of California.

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