Tim Alcoser’s 11/9/12 DLR Photo Report

Tim Alcoser was at the Disneyland Resort this past weekend and got some pictures around the resort as the holidays begin at the parks.

The fire scenes from Pirates of the Caribbean during World of Color.

IMG 3166 L

IMG 3168 L

Carthay Circle with a large  Wreath.
Holiday decorations have appeared on Buena Vista Street 

Here is the Christmas Tree on Buena Vista Street.
As well as a stunning tree

There is incredible detail to the tree if you get up close and look!

IMG 3183 L

Nothing signifies Christmas at the resort like crowds.  Perhaps the busiest time of the entire year.
Over in Disneyland…

First showing of Believe...in Holiday Magic Fireworks.
Believe… In Holiday Magic had its first performance of the season last friday 

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IMG 3196 L

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IMG 3199 L

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IMG 3392 L
California Adventure. Awesome comparison shots 

Carsland is enjoying it's first Christmas!
Now for a look in Car Land for it Christmas decor 

IMG 3397 L

IMG 3398 L

IMG 3399 L

IMG 3402 L

IMG 3404 L

IMG 3405 L

IMG 3406 L

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IMG 3412 L

IMG 3413 L

You can meet Santa at Elias & Company.
Back on Buena Vista Street, the Santa meet & greet in Elias and Co.

Santa Mickey Hats.

Mickey in his Christmas Sweater.  A little Halloween is also left over too.
Mickey in his holiday garb 
Now let's check out and ride through It's a Small World Holiday!
Joy to the small world 

IMG 3450 L
Wrapping up the report with some picture of its a small world holiday 

IMG 3452 L

IMG 3455 L

IMG 3456 L

IMG 3457 L

IMG 3460 L

IMG 3461 L

IMG 3462 L

IMG 3463 L

IMG 3464 L

IMG 3466 L

IMG 3468 L

IMG 3470 L

IMG 3473 L

IMG 3478 L

IMG 3479 L

IMG 3485 L

IMG 3488 L

IMG 3489 L

IMG 3490 L

IMG 3491 L

IMG 3492 L

IMG 3495 L

IMG 3496 L

IMG 3497 L

IMG 3498 L

IMG 3499 L

IMG 3500 L

Up close of the Castle.

IMG 3506 L

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15 thoughts on “Tim Alcoser’s 11/9/12 DLR Photo Report”

  1. Amazing! Your photo reports always make me feel all warm and fuzzy! Even if I was just at the park earlier in the day! LOL

  2. Is it just me, or do the decorations in its a small world holiday look a lot better than previous years? It looks like they really went all out this year.

    • I think the Christmas lights at IASW are probably my favorite holiday decorations in the entire resort. It really stands out at night. It's also fun to see a new spin on IASW inside, like other attractions such as Haunted Holiday Mansion. Keeps it fresh, fun and bold.

  3. Great photo's. what kind of camera are you using? any special settings? the pictures are very bright and clear, even for night pictures.

    Fantastic job, I always love the photo reports. Not being close to Disneyland, this gives me a "Disney Fix" that will get me thru the snow.

    • Thank you for the kind words Brent. It makes me happy that you enjoy my photographs, and folks like you are all the motivation I need to keep it up!

      As for my camera, I use a Canon Rebel T3i, stock lense. For this set of photographs, I simply had the camera set to "auto", but with flash off, just a test of the camera's abilities in dark situations with bright landscapes. Seems it came out decent.

  4. Thanks for the report, Tim! I've never been able to visit Disneyland during the holidays which is a shame because those decorations look fantastic!

    • If you can get in right now, you can enjoy all the Christmas fun and still escape most of the crowds. After Thanksgiving crowds and Christmas Crowds.

  5. Quick question, is there no more snowflake christmas tree in the finale room? Was that big snowman the replacement for that?

  6. Great report Tim! Many well composed photos!
    It's hard to shoot in the low light of 'Small World' without blurring due to the boat's motion. Does your camera have a full frame sensor? I've attempted it with my T3i and f1.8 lens and only a few turned out as crisp as yours. Very nice.
    Thanks for the effort you put into this!

    Merry Christmas,
    Larry Delceg

    • Merry Christmas Larry! I also use a T3i, stock lense though.

      It's tough, and I had to throw a few of the photos out because of blurring.

      Thanks for viewing the photo report!

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