VIDEO: The Legend of Jack Sparrow Opens at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Despite being billed to open on December 6th, The Legend of Jack Sparrow has now soft-opened at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The attraction is located on Mickey Avenue between Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream and Toy Story Midway Mania and is pretty hard to miss with its spiffy new facade:

The attraction begins with a short pre-show where guests are introduced to the narrator: a talking pirate skull that should be recognizable from the original attraction at Disneyland and from the film’s logo:

Guest then enter the main show room, a circular set where projection mapping (think Cinderella Castle during Celebrate the Magic) is used to bring scenes from the films to life for about 8 minutes. After recreating some famous scenes from the film series, guests finally get to see Captain Jack Sparrow via projection technology very similar to what brings talking fish to life in The Seas with Nemo and Friends at Epcot. In my 3 experiences, I have seen differences in this portion of the show, meaning you will see a different Jack Sparrow introduction portion in the show from time to time (think Star Tours randomization).

Personally, I think the attraction is very well done. Guest interactions throughout thew show are a bit corny, but the projection technology that brings you into each scene is amazing. Bullets leave marks on walls, sails swing and sway, and the entire room even becomes submerged at one point, all simply through projections. The computer animation is spotless and the novelty of living envoronment around you is sure to entertain guests for years to come. I was ready to hate this attraction based on previous experence with various movie-set walkthroughs that have existed within this soundstage, but I have to say I really enjoy this one. It’s not just publicity for a movie, it’s actually a fun show with great modern technology that does its very best to leave guests smiling. It’s not going to be something you do every time you visit Hollywood Studios, but it is another worthwhile attraction in a park that probably needs some more.

This attraction is a bit of a challenge to film, but we have video of the entire attraction which may help you judge it a lot better. Regardless, you should see this next time you visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios:

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