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Disney showed off some of the new Cutesters 5 set today. We knew about the black dress one, but look at all the other options. Some weddings, some different colored dresses. This just brings up lots of questions. We know Caley Hicks was heavily involved with these from Mickey’s Circus. It also looks like Thomas Scott is a major contributor. We will also see work from Martha Widener, who is new to Vinylmation. After consideration, I remembered that at Mickey’s Circus they said this would be an eight figure set. I think these three sets below are variants, leaving 8 basic designs. This means one of the below is the chaser. We believe it is the flowers.

Caley Hicks designed this purse with a cute dog inside. The Light pink appears to be the regular version with a clear pink variant.

New to vinyl artist Martha Widener did these flower designs. This seems to be the chaser with a variant.

Then out of these two Thomas Scott figures, the yellow seems to be the regular with a blue variant.

This series will be released at both D-Streets and Online on March 29th. Each figure will be blind boxed in a tray of 16 and will sell for $12.95 each.

So far I only see I only see one really good use of the bow as not a bow (Audrey). – M.C.

I love the art style on these. They are not at all what I expected after seeing the concept art at Mickey’s Circus, but I can still appreciate the designs. It is a very old school, fashionable art style that will sure ring a bell with a certain demographic (Zoe). The animals look to be right out of a mid 1900’s Disney cartoon. Its a great use of the Cutesters line and a nice variation on the more cutesy cartoon stylize of the first few series. I think the bow is used perfectly. It only seems forced on the flowers. -Nick

It will be interesting to see where these designs go. Do we not get a “chaser” with this set? What do you think?

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  • I don’t care for this set, however, I would like to see Minnie, Daisy or even all the Princesses on this mold!!

  • I agree with Brad B, I would love to see a Princess Series and Minnie and Daisy on this mold. But I’ve been waiting for this series and looking at them I think they are so Holly Go-Lightly! Love the Audrey Hepburn inspiration.

  • I like Cutester Series. I am on the fence with this series however. I think the pink poodle is super cute, but reminds me a lot of the pink poodle Jr. that was in “It’s A Small World” Jr. Series.

  • Cutesters are a cute unique set and they only keep making them because people like them. So quit complaining. This is the first set with the new mold, I’m sure they will do more with it than just this

    • While I don’t like the Cutesters series myself, they do have fans and a target audience…..If you like them, buy or trade for them, don’t worry what other people think, Vinylmation is no longer a “Gotta Get Them All” experience, different vinyls appeal to different people.

  • I love this set! What are you guys complaining about? Oh that’s right we’re not supposed to like anything that isn’t a well-established Disney character squashed onto a Vinylmation form, right? This set is fun, well designed and colorful and dare I say it… cute! Awesome, can’t wait to add them to my collection and I look forward to seeing what Mr. Scott and his crew of designers do with this new mold for future releases. How about a whole Minnie Mouse set? Or a set done in the Japanese super-cute Kawaii style?

  • Relax Howie. Do you always jump to so many conclusions? Just because you love it doesn’t mean people have to as well. . I’m happy for the new Minnie mold but the set has definitely more misses than hits. Martha Widener and Caley Hicks did a pretty good job if you ask me. Thomas Scott just phoned it in on a bunch of simple designs with little imagination. But I must say that his girl in the black dress is my favorite because it reminds me of Audrey Hepburn. I just wish we didn’t have 4 more “girls in dresses designs.” Some of those are probably simple variants but still.

    I do like the new case sizes for Cutesters but I also have problems with the series ever since Series 3. Cutesters 1 is amazing and Cutesters Too is pretty good albeit with too many Cutesters Kids. “Like You” was terrible while At the Beach wasn’t bad. Cutesters 1 is truly an underrated series. It’s excellent.

  • While I’m not in love with most of the designs in this series, (but I do love the Audrey design and the Flapper red dress one) I am in love with the possibilities this mold holds for custom artists. When these were debuted last September, I was excited by what I could do with these and I can’t wait to get my hands on them and go to work!!

    • They didn’t on purpose. But the other thing to remember is this will be an unusual tray assortment and an 8 figure set with variants… it may or may not actually have a chaser. But based on what Disney showed us, if there is a chaser, it is most likely the flowers.

  • If there are eight in this series as well, maybe they will be packaged like the Urban Redux series and we only have to buy one tray to get the whole set. That would be nice.

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