Urban Redux 1 Explained

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Urban Redux Explained
Release Date: March 22, 2013
D-Streets and Disney Stores
Artist Signing on Friday, March 22 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at D Street in Orlando. Disney Design Group artists, Maria Clapsis, Billy Davis, Caley Hicks, Monty Maldovan and Thomas Scott will there.

Update 04/01/13 Here are all 24 Super Mystery Chasers:

Update 03/24/13 If someone has pulled a “Super Mystery Chaser” they have not shared it publicly at this point. However, custom artist Josh Edwards has posted the following info:

“24 SUPER MYSTERY CHASERS(4 each from six artists) Super Mystery Chasers are blank vinylmation figurines that are personally hand-drawn by each Vinylmation designer. Each is a one of kind creation. Soooooo draw your own conclusions. To me it doesn’t sound like a full blown custom but something quick that was drawn on the figure.”

Until one is revealed, we still have to call this a rumor, but the info is said to come directly off a Cast Member set info sheet.

Update 03/22/13 Urban Redux was released today. We have a photo from Enrique Pita of his Space Monkey Chaser:

And a photo from Michael Bimonte on Vinylmation Exchange of some of the pre-packaged hand signed (not stamped on) figures:

Update 03/19/13 The Disney Parks Blog has revealed more secrets to the Redux series. They included artist signed figs, super chasers and the reveal of another variant!

“Each tray will contain at least one of each of the five known designs shown on the packaging. The tray will also contain at least one of the following three figures – a “mystery” chaser, a variant figure or a super mystery chaser.  We also added fun surprises to Urban Redux, like a small number of figures hand signed by the artists that we mixed into the trays.” – Thomas Scott
You can see the Red Ninja and previously unknown Purple Monster variants above. I also love the reveal that artist signed figures are mixed into the trays. Great addition! I guess since I’m not a numbers person, I never looked at the ratios the way Thomas Scott explained above.  So the fun part about buying a tray is you will get one of each of the 5 basic figures, and then you will get something very special as well. This reminds me personally of cases of baseball cards where special game used, autographed and chaser cards are seeded by ratio in the packs. I am really liking this.

We also now have a photo of that 8 box tray. We have yet to see the Super Mystery Chaser revealed to our knowledge. Lastly, the blog posted a nice photo of all three Lucky Cat combo topper variants.

Update 03/16/13 We know have photos of the Lucky Cat Combos, Variant, and what seems to be a chaser. They were all revealed at last night’s DLR trade night. All the photos in this update are from Vinylmation World.

I found a great article on the Luck Cats at a site called Vinylmation Park. Read it here. The author explains what they are and why they make a great variant. 
We also have a photo of a Red Ninja variant to the Black Ninja on the box.

Also on preview, was what appears to be one of the Mystery Chasers… a Space Monkey. As noted in a comment by Mystery Man, this figure has two different faces. A regular monkey on the front and a space monkey on the back (back of figure is shown in photo below).

Update 03/14/13 Set mistakenly released at DHS… some secrets of the series are revealed. Some of the highlights:

  • Each figure is seeded by ratio
  • A case is 8 blind boxes
  • Chaser is not one per case
  • The Lucky Cat is the Combo Topper. There are three variations: Red, Black and White

Check out this post for some discussion and updates of the surprises.

Urban Redux is the reboot of the Urban series. We have been told this series will be a little different. We do know it is a 6 figure mystery box set as opposed to the standard 12. And we have this quote from the Disney Collections Blog “This new series will be filled with lots of new surprises.” To give an idea, here is the product poster we saw at Mickey’s Circus:

From Mickey’s Circus we do know that the Lucky Cat is part of a combo and that Enrique Pita designed the chaser.

Pig, Bunny, Turtle


Ant Farm

Yellow Monster


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  • I personally don’t feel like this goes back to what made urban awesome in the beginning. The two best are Yellow Monster and Ant Farm, but the “human” figures are typical of what we found edging their way into the sets in urban 6 (where everyone says the decline started). I wish we’d see more art in these figures similar to what we saw with yellow paint splatter, squares, or cursive. At least Yellow Monster has a call back to something like Little Dragon or Wolfboy. I’d much prefer the ninja and cowboy if they were slightly mousified like we saw in early urban (Supermouse, Tin Mouse, etc…). These are OK, but as someone for who the Urban series was the gateway into vinylmation, i have a hard time seeing myself collecting many of these.

  • Yeah the cat chaser remains as my personal favorite. It should be in early March when we see the chasers previewed on eBay hopefully. LOL.

    • Well we did get an early preview. LOL. But I’m VERY glad the cat ain’t the chaser but a combo topper – I especially love the black cat most! I will pick up one this weekend. Hope I get something decent. Not too crazy about the chaser but it’ll grow on me.

  • Does anyone know if one lucky cat is harder to get than the others, or if they’re equally seeded?

  • we got lucky when we went in once upon a toy in down town Disney.they released the combo pack.they had 3 of each cats.so i don’t think any of the cats is harder to get than the other.unfortunately we didn’t get any of the variants our chasers.

  • I personally love this set but I hope they did not over produce it as done with past series so they keep their collector value. I believe that is where Disney is making their mistake , They over produce items which kills the demand and that is killing the collector market for these items..

  • At first I had zero interest in this series however as news was released about variants, super chasers and signed Vinyls I’ve now become obsessed with Redux! I picked up a case today and pulled the Red Varient Ninja! I can’t wait to go back to the Disney Store tomorrow and get some more! Great job Disney Design Group for injecting some much needed excitement into the Vinylmation hobby!

    • I agree. I would not want to see this for say a Park series, but I would love this layout for a Disney Character driven series. It is fun to know you will get something special in a small tray of 8. – Nick

      • I wouldn’t mind seeing this in a park series. Why pay the price for 24 figures and probably only get one special figure (chaser), when you can buy two cases and have two special figures (chaser, variant, or Super) for the price of 16 figures. It seems like trading for chasers and variants will be easier. Also, with storage space being an issue, fewer figures/series makes sense. While the super chaser may make it close to impossible to complete a series, it’s still exciting to know they’re out there, and its definitely an incentive to keep blind boxing.

  • I too have really warmed up to this set! The figures look so much better in person. I was not a fan of the cowboy, but he looks really great in hand. Also, the Ant Farm looks incredible on the clear vinyl. Pictures do not do it justice. Having ants in different places on both sides of the ears gives them a sense of depth. The same to some extent on the body. The Yellow Monster is so classic “Eye Noise” Thomas Scott if you’ve seen his non-Disney stuff. Of course, Maria Clapsis and Monty Maldovan come through with their great designs. Enrique Pita’s design is definitely chaser worthy!

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