Animation 3 Clown Dumbo and Timothy 9/Jr. LE Combo

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This one, like a stork delivering a baby, seemed to come out of nowhere. And there are some interesting release details here. This is a 9″ Clown Dumbo and Jr. Timothy combo for the Animation 3 series designed by Monty Maldovan. Here is the fun part… its a limited edition of only 250 pieces! AND, costs a whopping $99.95!

 If I’m being honest, I don’t know if this needs a 9″ platform. There is a lot of grey empty space and something aesthetically to me just doesn’t look quite right.

The junior Timothy makes sense size wise to pair with a 9″ Dumbo and he is designed really well.

This seems to be one of those rare times that Disney is pairing up a price with an edition size. We know that the Mickey Circus Lion and Seal last year were LE 100 with an inflated $150 price tag to reflect the rarity of them. Now, Disney does it again by charging a considerable amount more for a low LE. Now, we know they don’t always do this, as some LE 500 figures didn’t see a price increase. And we also know that even figures with an inflated edition size can get a very high price tag. Let’s look at a recent comparable, Jabba and Salacious 9/Jr. It is LE 1000 with a $60 price tag. That was the same price as the Villains 9/Jr combos a few years back, so that has stayed, while still high in my opinion, consistent. But then you have Han Solo in Carbonite as an LE 2000 and costs $35! That’s $10 above most double 3 inch combos.

I have stopped trying to understand Disney merchandise a long time ago. I never knew that all this asking Disney to give us lower edition sizes would increase the price tags! They just don’t get it. At $100, I think this will sit on the shelves for quite some time. At $60 with an LE 250, it would sell out. What do you think?

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I just don’t like any aspect of this set. They are trying to get the best of both worlds with the low LE collector’s want and the high prices they seem to go back and forth with. I’ve accepted the new mold and there have been some awesome designs since it came out, but I don’t like the new mold at all on 9 inch vinyls. The only 9 inch I have on a new mold is Crush from Pixar, and sitting next to my other 9-inch vinyls, it just looks fat and inflated.


They could’ve made it $49.95 and a LE500, or $34 and LE750, and they’d still make the $24900ish total net profit. I think this is a test to simply see how many purchase this solely for the LE. Perhaps an offshoot experiment if they sold all the Lion, Seal 9″ then?