Park Starz 2 Explained

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I have said it on the podcast numerous times that Park Starz is the best part of Vinylmation. This second series cements that feeling. Wonderful character selection and wonderful designs. Park Starz 2 will release on May 10th, 2013 at both D-Streets and May 3rd online for $18.95 per blind tin. Here is the 12 figure lineup:
Wally Boag
Golden Horseshoe Revue
Disneyland (1955)
Wally Boag starred in the long running Disneyland show and is a perfect fit in this Park Starz set. I’ll be honest, I didn’t recognize him. I thought he may be from Big Thunder Mountain. But when a friend pointed it out, there was no mistaking it. What a nod to Disney Park history.


Dinosaur (Countdown to Extinction)

Animal Kingdom (1998)

I wanted a dinosaur in Park Starz, but thought it would look a little different. Wonder character in the face, but I would like to see what it looks like with a rounded head maybe? Great horns, tail and feet. This is one of the attractions that’s always fun, but most enjoyable the very first time you ride.

Tree Troll


Norway Pavilion Epcot Center (1988)

I was giddy when I saw this little guy previewed at the Epcot 30th D23 event. AMAZING. One of the weirdest but one of my favorite rides at WDW. It’s just so Epcot.


Jungle Cruise

Disneyland 1955

An adorable addition to the lineup. This is one of the characters I had on my personal Park Starz short list. Just an iconic animatronic. I love the use of the clear for the spouting water.


Haunted Mansion

Disneyland (1969)

There can be, and most likely will be, a Haunted Mansion character in the first 999 editions of this series. Can you say clear variant? Overall, I like it. But I will say I expected a better ball and chain from Park Starz.

Mark Twain

The American Adventure

Epcot Center 1982

I put together a list of characters that needed to be in Park Starz form, and this was right at the top. Call me a nerd, but I love the addition of the historical figures into Vinylmation. He is from one of my favorite shows at WDW and looks perfect here.

Orange Bird

Sunshine Tree Terrace

Magic Kingdom (1971)

This is one figure I wanted in Park Starz but didn’t know it. I don’t know why I didn’t think of him as a park character, but he a quintessential one. And how popular is Orange Bird merchandise these days? VERY!

Disc Man

Tapestry of Nations

Epcot (1999)

Unexpected, but awesome addition. These puppets were crazy and the parade is something not many remember or know of. It was only around for about 2 years, but it is wonderful that the DDG dug deep into the parks character archive to include it.

Dutch Girl and Hippo

It’s a Small World

World’s Fair (1964)

If an IASW character with animal combo is a trend that will be in every Park Starz series, I’d be very happy. The Hippo is one of my favorites, and this combo is beautifully done.


Red Head

Pirates of the Caribbean

Disneyland (1967)

We finally gots the Red Head… in Vinylmation form anyway. She is done beautifully with a wonderful hat and I bet the color really pops in person.


Star Tours

Disneyland (1987)

If you are looking to please every category of Disney fan, you might just succeed in this set. Fans have been craving a Rex… a much beloved Disney made Star Wars character. The HD upgrade to Star Tours was needed and is now makes Star Tours one of the most enjoyable experiences at the parks… but Rex was moved out of his starring role. But fear not, he can now be found among the droids in the queue areas at WDW and DLR. This figure is modeled wonderfully after the real droid.


Tower of Terror

MGM Studios (1994)

This was the first figure we got a glimpse of from PS2. There are three attractions where the Cast Members can make or break the experience… Jungle Cruise, Great Movie Ride and Tower of Terror. When you have a creepy Cast Member, the experience is next level. This figure is not based on a true character, but rather the bell hop Cast Members that load you into the elevator. Well done DDG.


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  1. I will be ordering a case of these! I love that they dug deep into the archives for some of these. I don’t know what it is, but I love all the different molds, and I am more excited about this series than any other announced to date. Gus is my favorite. Wish he had a ball and chain, but love the hitchhiker right hand! I have a soft spot for the haunted mansion. Also love Orange Bird. I just might have to display him next to my Orange Bird toy from 1976! :)

  2. I haven’t been excited about anything Vinylmation in like 6 months, but this looks awesome. The elephant and Gus are the only ones that I think aren’t good, but it will be cool to (hopefully) have all 3 hitchhiking ghosts.

  3. Nice to see Kentucky Fried Chicken represented in this series…Oh that’s Mark Twain? Lol! Awesome set! I will be buying a case! My favorite is Disk Man! It’s ironic that for such an obscure figure we now have two Disk Man Vinylmation!

  4. This is a great set. I was hoping to see Park Series news, but this may be even better! Heck, if they released Park Starz twice a year I may be saying “Park series who?” — then again the price of these I’m not as fond of. My favorites are the troll, Rex, and the Bellhop. I like the Epcot appreciation these sets have offered. I would like to see a Park Starz SMRT-1. My only critical comment about this set is Gus’s hair — or lack of. They had to apply white already to his face, why not apply hair. One thing this set makes me wonder is — how many of these will get the Mickey Mold treatment as well? Will we ever get a Rex or Redhead on the Mickey mold? I sort of hope we do — then again, maybe they just wouldn’t look right on that mold. Anyway great set.

    1. I was just surfing the web. On another site they may have possible photos of an upcoming Park series — if those truly are Park 12, then Park Starz have become my favorites!

  5. I was lucky enough to be able to acquire a tray from the Facebook Store yesterday morning. Trays sold out very quickly, and I think this will be a very popular set. I have to agree with Nick, that I am more excited about this series than any other. I LOVE the various molds and the innovation that goes into creating these!

  6. Finally, got my case last week. I LOVE THESE designs!!! One of the things that brought me to Vinylmation collecting was the thought the artists brought to each design, making them each unique. Park Starz takes that one step farther. Each piece has unique artwork but most importantly, unique molds!! Keep them coming….two sets per year! These will sell forever.

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