Disney Artists Assemble a MARVELous Set

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It seemed like we have been waiting to see this series forever. In truth, I am glad we had to wait. Over the past few years, while we have been enjoying the Disney and Marvel relationship with some eye candy up on the silver screen and various merchandise spread throughout the parks, the Disney Design Group Vinylmation artists have been perfecting their craft. They have been improving their skills and perfecting the production process giving us collectors an overall amazing end product. This is only a glimpse at the artwork for the upcoming Marvel Vinylmation series, but you can already see the love and care that went into it. The wait, at times excruciating, has seemingly paid off. Vinylmation World uncovered the following photos:

The first Marvel Vinylmation series will included:
  • Iron Man
  • Thor
  • Captain America
  • Hulk
  • Black Widow
  • Spider-Man
  • Vision
  • Black Panther
  • Doctor Strange
  • Spider-Woman
  • Nick Fury
  • and a Mystery Chaser

Two quick observations, first, this series seems to be based on the comic books rather than the movies. And second, they shoved all the popular characters from the current movies into this one set instead of spreading them out. Rest assured, we will have a lot to say about this set on the next podcast, and we want you to share your thoughts. Leave your comment here or call 209-28-MOUSE to leave a voicemail that we will play on the next show.

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  • Sure they used a lot of the popular characters from the current movies, but there are SOOOO many all-time popular characters to choose from. First of all, they only used WHITE Nick Fury. Then you have the X-Men and related characters, Fantastic Four (and the FF). Heck, that’s not even a real Spiderman!

    In addition, as MC mentioned last week, there are so many ages (Golden, Silver, etc.), costume variations, and characters with multiple, er.. characters. For example, two different people have been Hawkeye (Clint and Kate). Two (or three?) different Captain Americas (Steve Rogers and what’s his face…)

    So in my mind, though 5 or 6 of these are very popular characters, they’re just scratching the surface.

      • Yeah it is (from when he replaced John Storm.) I’s just havin’ a little fun :) But yeah, you could have a full set of 12 just based on Spiderman variations.

  • Accessories, looking around at the photo’s. Looks like Thor gets a hammer, Cap get a Sheild, interstingly enough it goes on his LEFT arm (this excites me most). A few capes also. See anything else here? Really cool looking set. Can’t wait to see it in true form!

    • Haven’t seen much else. But very excited for this set, and the accessories!

    • Same with Hulk. Neither are the “Normal” version. I wonder how many sets they are expecting to create.

  • Having collected Marvel characters for over 40 years on different media, I can safely say, these don’t excite me.

    I know Disney will produce a lot of Marvel series in the coming years to pay for the huge investment they spent on the Marvel franchise, but to me Marvel is not really traditional Disney. I guess we should all consider it the NEW Disney….make a profit however you can even if Walt would not have done it that way.

    I don’t think I will be adding but a well done Marvel character here and there. The best Super Hero desgin I have seen so far is the Agent P from the upcoming summer Phineas and Ferb meets the Marvel characters cartoon.

    If Disney thinks these Marvel vinyls are great designs, then maybe they should make a Marvel Vinylmation movie. It would be halarious to see short, stubby super heros trying to fight each other. Now that’s excitement!!

  • Iron Man without the faceplate on his helmet so you could see Tony Starks face would be an awesome variant.

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