Pixar Series 2 Leaked Product Shot

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By Brendt

The news keeps trickling in today, as Vinylmation Exchange member Stevan Agbaba posted the first image of the physical Pixar series #2 vinyls.  We got a sneak peak of this set at Reflections of Evil, and now we can finally see how detailed some of the figures are.  Take a look:


Some of these figures are straight winners, as I love Dory, Boo, and Mr. Pricklepants.  Emile, and Alpha are great representations, but a tad plane.  Same goes for Dot, and the jury is still out on Elastigirl for me.  I think this is a great follow up to the first Pixar series, and the Disney Store crew have done a great job with these designs.  What are your guys thoughts? Any ideas for the Chaser?

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Brad B
Brad B

The designs look much better than the original artwork from RoE. Boo and Pricklepants rock! Alpha, Mrs Incredible leaves a little to be desired with the small body design but the head is really good. Princess Atta/Dot(?) and Alpha are really strong choices. It’s hard to put a fish on a mouse type mold so Dory is about as good as she can be as was Nemo in Pixar 1. Love the colors. Remy needs his brother so Emile is as good now as ever. It would be cool to have a wedge of cheese accessory. Wall*E or Eve is… Read more »