Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Cards Checklist

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Download PDF Checklist (full page) updated 3/15/13
Download PDF Checklist (quarter page) updated 3/15/13

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is the interactive game guests can play at the Magic Kingdom (details here). We are going to try to keep a comprehensive checklist of the cards available in the game. If you have pictures of cards we do not, or better pictures of ones we do, please send them into us. High quality scans are best, but photos will work too. Please also provide the card number from the bottom left corner in case I can not read it. And let us know exactly where the pictures came from (ie. you took them yourself) If you find it on the net, please note what site you found it at. Email pictures and info to: [email protected] Thanks! And good luck out there.

Update: 10/25/13 Photos of the 2013 Halloween and Christmas Party cards were added.

Update: 03/14/13 Check out this home version of SoTMK designed by Adam. He runs the gaming website Eclectic Gamer and sent in a link to his article and rules for his home version called Wizards of the Mystic Fiefdom. It has a simple, easy to learn game play. As well as a style well suited to the SoTMK cards that make it an enjoyable play.

Update: 11/08/12 There is a special card released for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.


Update: 09/27/12 There was a special card released for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. (picture in checklist below) Unlike the special Cast Member card, this is a normal sized card. It features Chip ‘n Dale’s Bag of Tricks and is numbered 01/P.

Update: 08/17/12 The Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Booster Packs were released today at the Emporium for $11.95. Check out detailed pictures and a review and explaination as to what you get, in this article here.


Update: 07/26/12 The Disney Parks Blog announced the rumored home version of Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom along with the availability of the rare cards #61-70.

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The trading card game will contain seven randomly selected spell cards (including at least one super rare spell card), one of four game boards, game rules, new tokens and a complete spell card checklist. Disney also announced a set of mystery pins that you can see over at Once Upon a Pin.

Update: 03/04/12 HQ picture of Cast Member card uploaded. It is confirmed this was only handed out to CMs and is an over-sized 5×7 card. We also added a picture of the Woody error card with Slinky Dog. Early versions of the Wood card (#22) had Slinky Dog, but it had to be removed because they did not have permission to use him. Downloadable Checklist also updated to reflect the Woody error card. We also made a smaller more pocket size version of the checklist available. We also would like to thank Non Sport Update Magazine for linking to us on their blog.

Update: 02/23/12 Vinylmation World tweeted a picture of a card I haven’t seen or heard about yet.

Cast+Exclusive+ +Cast+Member
Photo from Vinylmation World

We are trying to find out how this card is obtained. The Cast Member card above was a 5×7 card issued to Cast Members on 2/22, the first official day of this new attraction. A few more things we have found out about game play are spells seem to get stronger as they used over and over again at more difficult levels. Also, most comb spells (2 cards played at once) seem to work, however certain match ups, such as a Princess and her Prince, seem to be most effective. An interesting find was playing two similar spells at the same time, such as the Fairy Godmother’s Pumpkin spell with the Headless Horseman’s Pumpkin spell gives a heavier barrage of pumpkins. And I forget to mention in an earlier update, a second starting location can be found behind the Christmas Shop in Liberty Square if you find the Firehouse too long of a wait. Also, many guests seem to be open to trading at the portals. I completed my deck of 1-60 yesterday by acquiring about 30 cards through trades.

Update: 02/22/12 Sorcerers of the MK official opened today! Downloadable PDF card checklist added at top of this post. Please help us complete the list with the missing rare (61-70) cards. Also, more details emerge. Guests can now officially play on both Medium and Hard settings, however all games on the previous level must be completed to move on. Cards 61-70 are more rare than the rest and were no longer handed out randomly to guests as of about a week ago. Rumors persist about Disney selling game cards, however guests will still receive 5 free cards per day. It is still unclear as to whether or not the rare cards will be randomly inserted into the free cards, or will only be for sale.

Update: 01/30/12 The Disney Parks Blog announced some info about collecting these cards. “The 70 cards are divided into nine different spell classes, such as Princess cards, Hero cards or Warrior cards. In addition, all cards are marked with one of three designations – a star symbol, which indicates a rare card; a moon symbol, which signifies an uncommon card; and a planet symbol, which indicates a common card.”


Photo from Disney Parks Blog


Photo from Disney Parks Blog
01+ +Sorcerer+Mickey

Photo from DV

02+ +Belle
Photo from DV

03+ +Buzz+Lightyear
Photo from DV

04+ +Doris
Photo from DV
05+ +Eve
Photo from DV
06+ +Mulan
Photo from DV

Photo sent to us by Heather

Photo sent to us by Heather

Photo sent to us by Heather

Photo sent to us by Heather

Photo sent to us by Scott

12+ +Merlin
Photo sent to us by Scott

13+ +Monstro
Photo sent to us by Scott

14+ +Nib
Photo sent to us by Scott

15+ +Rupunzal
Photo sent to us by Scott

Photo sent to us by Heather

Photo sent to us by Heather

18+ +Fairy+Godmother
Photo from DV

19+ +The+Giant
Photo from DV

20+ +Tinkerbell
Photo sent to us by @DizParksFan

Photo sent to us by Heather

Photo sent to us by Heather

22+ +Woody+Error
Photo from

Photo sent to us by Heather

24+ +Bolt
Photo from DV
25+ +Cinderella
Photo from DV
26+ +Colonel+Hathi
Photo sent to us by Scott

27+ +Eeyore
Photo from DV
28+ +Frozone
Photo from DV
29+ +Lightning
Photo from DV
Photo from DV

Photo sent to us by Heather

32+ +Pinocchio
Photo from DV

33+ +Prince+Phillip
Photo from DV

34+ +Snow+White
Photo added by Chris Moschella

35+ +Headless+Horseman
Photo from DV

36+ +Mad+Hatter
Photo from DV

37+ +Queen+of+Hearts
Photo from DV

38+ +Sugar+Plumb+Faries
Photo from DV

39+Wall E
Photo sent to us by Heather

Photo sent to us by Heather

41+ +Aurora
Photo from DV

42+ +Baloo
Photo from DV

Photo sent to us by Heather

44+ +Dash
Photo from DV

Photo from DV

Photo sent to us by Heather

Photo sent to us by Heather
48+ +Lumiere
Photo from DV
49+ +Mowgli
Photo from Chris Moschella

MK+Card Mr+Toad+%2350
Photo from
51+ +Pocahontas

Photo sent to us by Heather

MK+Card Navin+%252353
Photo from
Photo sent to us by Heather

Photo sent to us by KHug

MK+Card Rafiki+%2356
Photo from
Photo sent to us by Heather

MK+Card Woozles+%2358
Photo from
Photo sent to us by Heather

Photo sent to us by Heather

61+ +Ariel+e
Photo from

62+ +Dumbo
Photo from

63+ +Finn+McMissile
Photo from

64+ +Hurcules
Photo from DV
65+ +Jasmine
Photo from

66+ +Mama+Odie
Photo from

67+ +Merryweather
Photo from

68+ +Mr+Incredible+e
Photo from

69+ +Mushu
Photo from

70+ +Winnie+the+Pooh+e
Photo from
CM1+ +Cast+Memeber
Photo from Chris
Photo from Disney Parks Blog
Photo from Disney Parks Blog
Event+03P+ +MNSSHP+Hitchhiking+Ghosts
Photo from Disney Parks Blog
Event+04P+ +MVMCP+Nephews
Photo from Disney Parks Blog
  1. I have to say the Bolt and the Heffalumps and Woozles are absolutely AMAZING!!!! I get that they aren’t vinyls, but I like the comic booky way they are both drawn :D

  2. Is this why Disney stopped making Artist Cards for Vinylmation? Maybe they could include a “Sorcerer of the Kingdom” card with a vinylmation theme into our vinyl packages. You could have a potion or spell card that will turn the evil character into a vinylmation to be sat on a shelf forever and ever!

  3. Mickey’s Magic Beans is Number 30.
    Belle’s Mountain Blizzard is Number 2
    Dumbo’s Pink Elephant Parade is Number 62
    Eve’s Lazer Blast is Number 5
    Finn McMissile’s Missile Salvo is Number 63
    Flynn Rider’s Flying Frying Pan is Number 7
    Maurice’s Wood Chopper is Number 10
    Mushu’s Fiery Breath is Number 69
    Pinocchio’s Sawdust Blast is Number 32
    Pongo’s Soot Bucket is Number 52
    Thumper’s Mighty Thump is Number 59
    Tiana’s Hot Sauce is Number 60
    Walle’s Trash Crunch is Number 39
    Apprentice Mickey’s Broomsticks is Number 1
    Grumpy’s Pummeling Pickaxe is Number 47

  4. i am thinking this idea will get turned into a home videogame. i remember not too long ago a disney job posting involving knowledge of console gaming.
    imagine collecting and playing the game at the park, and when you get home, you can still play the game with your kinect, wii or ps3 eye. Or they could have a board type set-up like the skylanders game which reacts to those toys, but disneys will react to the sorcerers cards.

  5. Where can you buy these cards? I’ve been looking online but can’t find anyplace that sells them. Are they only sold inside the parks? If so,where?

    1. You cannot purchase them online. They are given to you at the Magic Kingdom in the firehouse next to the barber shop and emporium. You don’t purchase them – you just ‘volunteer’ for the quest to save the kingdom and you get a starter pack of 5 cards along with a key card with a chip in it that saves your progress and is the key to all the portals in the parks. You can get additional decks of 5 once a day. The only time you can get an additional deck in the same day is when you level up in the game. I haven’t done this yet, so not sure exactly how it works, but I know people that have passed the beginners level and are on ‘medium’. There are 3 levels total, but it is rumored that 3 additional levels/villains/portals will debut with the new fantasyland expansion in fall of 2012.

  6. If you look closely at the lower left corner of #69, Mushu’s Fiery Breath, you will see that it actually reads 25/70 with a Star symbol. The rest of the cards 61-70 have a Lightning Bolt. Is it possible that this is an “accidental” release from a second set of cards? Does anyone have a photo of a card that actually reads 69/70?

  7. I’d hate to tell everyone this, but… COPY THE IMAGES TO YOUR PHONE AND PLAY WITH THAT!!! I’ve been using my iPhone and iPad to play for the past few weeks during testing, and it works beautifully! Any good app developers out there wanna make a Card Keeper app??? I wanna make one, but I’m a little behind on my Objective-C…

    1. Yeah – a few other people have said on other blogs about using your phone instead of cards. The only downside is that you can use two cards at a time if you use the cards (to get a stronger spell) but clearly can’t do that if you use your iphone or ipad.

    2. Just FYI. They are actually testing an iPad app at this time. You can use up to 6 cards or that is what the one guy was doing the other day on his iPad. Now to get it going with android and then you got a game!
      Also, booster packs will start selling in April with, what I heard, an additional 100-150 characters. I am guessing that this will go with the Fantasyland expansion that will slowly start opening around the end of March middle of April. Will be fun to see what they turn out!

  8. Hello everyone. I love the idea behind these cards. I have created a Facebook page to help promote trading of these cards, kind of like the Vinylmation trading Groups. Don’t Worry Vinylmation Destination I will give lots of shout outs to you and your site for all the wonderful news you bring us. thanks.

    1. According to cast members today at Magic Kingdom, cards 61-70 are still being handed out. It is like one in every 100-150 packs handed out. I watched someone actually get one today in their pack. Was really cool and exciting all at the same time.

  9. There are a few cards popping up on eBay I have noticed, that is a way for some people to complete their collection if they fail to get any cards while at WDW. We left yesterday after being there and still needed 9 cards that we couldn’t find while trading, and we found all 9 of them on eBay…well with the exception of the 61-70 that you can’t get yet :) So just a thought if anyone is trying to get a full set! ;)

  10. Hi Sorcerers:
    We have a group on facebook for the Sorcerers Of The Magic Kingdom game that we would like to invite all of you to join. We hope to diversify our card collections and help other players out through trading. We are also holding weekly card giveaways. Many folks in the group actually play the game, and are local to Walt Disney World. Please come join and bring your Sorcerer friends!

  11. I hate to be difficult, but would someone please fix the apostrophe in Sorcerors? There shouldn’t be one in the title of the page or on the card list. Having said that, thank you for the card list. We’re only missing a few now. Is anyone else’s Mowgli slightly bigger than the other cards, or did we just get an oddly cut one?

    1. Fixed. I appreciate the catch. And also am glad the checklists are helpful.

    2. I don’t know about that, but I have noticed something else rather odd. My bro works at Disney, so he has a pretty good sized deck. In one half of the deck, the edges are more beveled (rounded) than the other half. Of the smaller beveled half, there are about three cards (so far) that the perforation is finer than the rest of it’s half. The less fine perfs have two “perf bumps (for lack of a better tem)” and the fine ones have a complete edge of many “perf bumps” that continue around each side where as the others only have them on the two short sides. Explain that one…….

      1. The rounded cards were given out during the soft opening.They thought it might be more difficult to hold on with other cards and the new batch (2nd printing) had more squared edges. The cards with perforations, I believe, were the cards given out with the previous issue of “Eyes And Ears” to castmembers.

  12. CMs are now saying 61-70 are now pulled from the packs and rumor say they wiill most likely be sold later on.

    Oh Disney. :(

    1. Because that way they can sell them later and make lots of money on everyone who needs to finish their deck.

  13. Rules… I so want to understand how the numbers, the spell types, the card types all affect the battle on Medium and Hard.
    Its frustrating not to have any rules.
    I am working on a theory that the villains have about 10-20 hit points in medium and that if you match up cards so that you have 10-13 damage; you can kill a villain in one round, instead of having to go to a portals twice or three times per battle.
    With the recent crowds at the park, and having to work; I haven’t had much time to confirm my theory. Next week is Easter week, so I am going to be avoiding Disney until after Easter.

  14. Just returned from a 6 day trip to WDW and discovered the game on day 4 so we have 35 cards (did some trading to eliminate duplicates, didn’t see any lightning bolts). Behind-the-scenes info: one of the portals was down this morning (Fantasyland-Swirl symbol) and kept trying to reboot. We saw the boot option page from Windows 7 and the HP logo page for the monitor. The boot was failing due to some required device not responding. A guy from the Sorcerers booth behind the Christmas shop came around but had to “call it in”. We didn’t have the patience to wait so we had them reset our next station elsewhere. I noticed a couple of hours later that the portal was up and running again.

  15. i think it needs somthing and i know people are getting bored of the game and now are just are collecting the cards and buying them.

  16. Wait why the heck is Quasimodo a MONSTER spell?? I thought the whole point of that movie was that he was a man and NOT a monster.

  17. hey has there been a folder released to hold the cards yet? i am in the UK and have a collection and i want to protect my cards

    1. They originally produced the #22 Woody card with Slinky Dog on it with Woody. They quickly pulled this card and removed Slinky Dog in future printings. The Slinky Dog and Woody cards were printed in much less quantity and are no longer available.

  18. So my daughter is collecting these cards and only needs # 35 and 36 from the original 60. We haven’t been able to get them in our card packs do now she’s asking santa for them. Any help?

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