VIDEO: New Concept Art & a Pre-Vis Virtual Ride on Banshee Attraction for AVATAR

If the AVATAR news for Disney’s Animal Kingdom from over the weekend wasn’t enough, Disney released a video from the D23 Expo in Japan featuring James Cameron and Joe Rhode talking about the project that shows some new concept art and a first look at some of the scenes from the Banshee attraction:

If you can’t see the video, here is the new nighttime concept art of guests entering Pandora:


Here are James Cameron and some Imagineers taking a pre-vis virtual ride on the Banshee attraction:

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 9.12.09 AM

In the video, Imagineer Joe Rhode teases that there will be a lot of new technology used in the attractions to really make guests feel like they are in the film. Also, he remarks how guests will be able to interact with the “living” environment around the land outside of the ride-through attractions.

So, do these new details get you any more excited for AVATAR at Disney’s animal Kingdom?

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  1. About time they finally announce something. Looks like something worthwhile for Animal Kingdom if they do it right.

  2. Thanks Tom. Your page is great. I am huge Disney fan myself and have made countless trips to WDW. Been to Disneyland only once. I used to live in Cocoa Beach till 1984, but now live in Huntsville Alabama. Even though im 11 hours away, we still manage to make it to Disney about twice a year with our two children. 6 and 2yrs old. We love it. And man, this new Avatar land looks incredible.

  3. What is that bizarre thing on Joe Rohde's ear??? Is that an Avatar thing, or did he really stretch his ear out like that? It's horrifying.

    1. That's just Joe. It's hard not to stare at the darn thing when you talk to him. After a while you get used to it.

    2. It is tribal; Joe has had that ever since I believe his involvement with researching and building Expedition Everest for Animal Kingdom. I had a chance to meet him once and he is humble, full of energy and stories to tell. I could honestly listen to him for hours, he is amazing.

  4. As someone who lives on the West Coast and visits Disneyland, I think that Avatar Land will really be the "flagship" land of Animal Kingdom in the way that Carsland was for Disney California Adventure. Both are grand scale projects and really there are a lot of opportunities here for the Imagineers to go "all out" here and design some of the most innovating technology out there, provided the financial aspect is green lighted by mangagment

    1. the financial aspect is being covered by Cameron for the most part, not Disney. $350 million so far.

      1. Please provide a link if you claim these kind of things because I hardly believe Cameron is paying for it. I'm sure he provides digital content like he says in the clip but not paying for the land.

  5. Glad they announced details on the project! This art looks beautiful! I am not a big fan of Avatar, but this looks like it will be amazing when it is done. So if James Cameron is flipping the bill will Disney have to pay any of it?

  6. Thanks for bringing us this information since it has been a long time since we have heard anything from Disney. I am a D23 member and unfortunately missed the event and information.

    The walking area of Avitarland and the boat ride and I will call it Sourin' type ride look amazing. We spend 5 hours visiting everything at our last AK trip and still had time in our day to do more so this will be a welcome and much needed not to mention amazing addition to AK. I can't wait!

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