Magic Kingdom 24-Hour Disney Side Party To Bring Out Rare Characters & One-Time-Only Treats


Disney has announced more details for Friday’s Disney Side Party at the Magic Kingdom, taking place from Friday May 23rd at 6AM until Saturday May 24th at 6AM. A cast of Disney Villains will have a special place in the Magic Kingdom 24-hour celebration, including Maleficent, Cruella De Vil and such rarely spotted miscreants as the Big Bad Wolf, Stromboli from “Pinocchio,” and Bowler Hat Guy from “Meet the Robinsons.”  They will appear in locations throughout the park and also join in the “It’s Good to Be Bad” cavalcade preceding Disney’s Main Street Electrical Parade.

Guests at the Magic Kingdom will enjoy nighttime dancing around Cinderella Castle and in Frontierland. The “#IncrediblesSuperDanceParty,” a nightly feature throughout the summer, will be followed during the All-Nighter by special screenings of “The Incredibles” at the Rockettower Plaza Stage in Tomorrowland.

A number of specialty drinks and treats will be offered during the 24 hours, and after the party ends, all these goodies go away except for two: the Olaf souvenir beverage and the Mickey’s Kitchen Sink Sundae. So plan your 24 hours of fun accordingly!



The cupcake craze is in high gear, plus there are plenty of places to order breakfast.

Here’s a list of the specialty food and rink options that will be available:

Sleepy Hollow
-Poisoned Apple Waffle Sundae: waffles with stewed apple topping and whipped cream

The Lunching Pad
-Olaf souvenir cup with specialty beverage

Friar’s Nook
-Olaf souvenir cup with specialty beverage

Gaston’s Tavern
-Princess-themed cupcake

Main Street Bakery
-Maleficent Cupcake
-Frozen-themed Cupcake
-Olaf Carrot Cupcake



Plaza Ice Cream Parlor and Plaza Restaurant
-Mickey’s Kitchen Sink Sundae

Storybook Treats
-Poisoned Apple Shortcake Sundae: ice cream, yellow cake, stewed apple topping and whipped cream.

Various Outdoor Food Locations
-Pink and blue cotton candy, themed to “Heroes and Villains.”



Main Street, U.S.A.
•Main Street Bakery, Starbucks breakfast sandwiches
•Casey’s Corner, breakfast sandwich
•Plaza Ice Cream Parlor (5/24)

•Aloha Isle (5/24)
•Sunshine Tree Terrace (5/23)

•Pinocchio Village Haus, breakfast flatbread pizza (5/24)
•Friar’s Nook (5/24)
•Storybook Treats (5/24)
•Cheshire Café (5/23)
•Gaston’s Tavern

•Pecos Bill’s Tall Tale Inn & Cafe, hot breakfast sandwich (5/24)
•Westward Ho

Liberty Square
•Columbia Harbour House, French toast sticks and bacon (5/24)
•Sleepy Hollow, breakfast waffle sandwich
•Liberty Square Market (5/23)

•Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe, hot breakfast sandwich (5/24)
•Auntie Gravities Galactic Goodies (5/23)
•The Lunching Pad, breakfast dog

Also, if you’ll be heading to the Magic Kingdom on Friday, you’ll want to stay tuned for a fun announcement from WDW News Today about what we’ll be doing to mark this special day!

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