Magic Kingdom’s “The Yankee Trader” To Become Haunted Mansion Store

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It’s one of those rumors seemingly as old as the internet, but come October, it seems likely that The Yankee Trader in Liberty Square will become a store selling just merchandise themed to the Haunted Mansion attraction. The store is scheduled to be closed from July 7th until September 30th, 2014, opening just in time for some new Haunted Mansion merchandise that will be arriving at Walt Disney World.


Just last year, a line of very popular Haunted Mansion home décor items were released as a test to see if guests would buy more-expensive luxury items based on attractions. The test was a huge success and for several months, Walt Disney World had a hard time keeping any of these items in stock. The success of the line inspired most of the merchandise you’ll find at Centerpiece in the Marketplace Co-Op, but also over 100 new Haunted Mansion items set to arrive at Disney Parks this Fall.

In order to showcase and sell over 100 items, every square inch of the Yankee Trader will be needed. 100 items is a lot considering this one display in the store pictured above is holding just 6 different items…


Just a few weeks ago, Disney teased the art styles for some of this new merchandise on the Disney Parks Blog. Maybe we’re reading into the Disney post too much, but the store may have a heavy Madame Leota theme…

Nothing has been confirmed and all of this is pure speculation at this time, but it seems highly likely. Stay tuned as we receive more information on this story as it develops…


UPDATE: On July 28th, 2014, Walt Disney World confirmed that the Yankee Trader would become a Haunted Mansion-themed store. The store will indeed have a theme mostly focusing on Madame Leota as we had speculated. No further details have been made available at this time.


So, what do you think? is a dedicated Haunted Mansion store a good idea?

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