New Characters to Join Disney Infinity 2.0 Lineup

After soliciting fan input over the past year, Disney Interactive has announced the addition of the top two requested characters to the upcoming Disney Infinity 2.0 lineup of Merida, Maleficient, the Marvel Superheroes and others: Tinker Bell and Stitch!



Stitch, The lovable “experiment 626″ from the popular Lilo & Stitch films, comes to the Disney Infinity Toy Box 2.0 along with his trusty cosmic blaster and the ability to super jump to galactic new heights.



One of Disney’s most iconic characters, Tinker Bell also enters the world of Disney Infinity with her magical healing Pixie Dust and the ability to glide to the stratosphere for fast-flying action.

Players will be able to create all-new adventures featuring the entire collection of characters from across the Disney Infinity universe, along with hundreds of Disney and Marvel-themed items, locations, props and vehicles.


To start your adventure with Stitch and Tinker Bell, pick up Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) when it hits stores this fall.

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