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CONFIRMED: The Sorcerer’s Hat at Disney’s Hollywood Studios to be Removed in Early 2015

If you’re a fan of Walt Disney World (which we assume you are if you’re reading this site), then you have probably been wishing for the removal of the Sorcerer’s Hat at Disney’s Hollywood Studios since 2001 when it was erected. Well, Disney confirmed to cast members today that the Sorcerer’s Hat will indeed be coming down in “early 2015”.


Disney’s message to cast members today read:

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“We will soon begin to re-imagine the park’s central hub by removing the sorcerer’s Hat in early 2015. As part of that change, the store located underneath the hat will be closing, A closing date will be shared as we get closer to it.”

The Sorcerer’s Hat was erected in 2001 as part of the 100 Years of Magic celebration, but was also used to block the Chinese Theater façade of the Great Movie Ride which Disney no longer had the rights to use in merchandise or marketing materials. Rumors of the Hat’s removal have been swirling for years until now. The removal of the hat is expected to be a part of the remodeling of the park which includes the removal of attractions in the Backlot area such as the already-shuttered Studio Backlot Tour, as well as the Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow which closes on November 6th. Rumors indicate that lands based on Toy Story, Star Wars, and Cars are likely for the park in the next few years. However, only time will tell.

    1. It is sad I’ve been seeing the hat science I was 18 weeks old I’ll miss it :( R.I.P

  1. This is like removing Spaceship Earth from Epcot or Cinderella’s castle from Magic Kingdom. So sad!

    1. It’s only been around since 2001 and they’ve been trying to make it a park icon. It isn’t one. Not close to the same thing, sorry.

      1. It’s always sad to see anything leave the parks, but the hat really didn’t get the best of chances. It was used to ‘hide’ the Chinese Theatre, and that always made it seem out of balance.
        Moved, yes, but removed completely? No.

        While the hat wasn’t my ideal choice as an icon, it certainly would have made a fabulous feature over an amazing play area, or Guest Services area.

        Maybe it will find in a mazing home somewhere in HS, and a very obvious spot would be in the Fantasmic area of the park. Maybe that’s too obvious for WDW, but seems a cool idea to me!

    2. No, not even close to those. The hat was not there from the start like those. Even tho I love it and it is more Disney than the Chinese Theatre it was suppose to be temporary. They really need to create something fantastic! Time will tell.

      1. I disagree. For most youngsters, like myself. It is the icon of disneyworld. So for us it’s sad to see it go.

    3. I agree it is like getting rid of the animal kingdom tree or the golf ball at Epcot or worse Cinderellas Castle! (Cries) I’ll miss the hat

  2. I thought the hat was a better symbol then the Water tower for DHS. It definitely wasn’t as silly as the wand on Spaceship Earth at EPCOT

  3. I hope this is true, but I’m still a septic until I see either a picture/scan of the note or an official announcement from Disney.

  4. So sad I think it is the pared icon!! I am so happy I have so many pictures with the kids in front of it. My son will cry. He is such a Disney fan as am I.

  5. How about everyone calm down, as it is a sparkly hat and NOT a statue of a puppy being kicked? lol

  6. As a former Disney-MGM Studios cast member, I say…… Buh Bye! It was yet another one of the MANY stupid wastes of money, from that company. It ranks right up there, with the Pepto Abizmal Birthday Cake Castle!

    1. woahhhhhhhhhhhhh hang on okay the hat was obnoxious but the birthday cake castle?! THAT WAS A BIRTHDAY GIFT! VERY MAGICAL! ESPECIALLY FOR CHILDREN! (like me, age 3, and my earliest memory asking my mom if I could just have some of the frosting)

  7. So sad i wnt be able to make there to see it one last time before it goes down :( and that my daughter will never get to see it

  8. Hey tom, I’m a fan of Walt Disney world, and I have NOT been wishing for the removal of the hat!

  9. “Tom has been visiting since he was 4 months old” – seriously this dude needs to get out there a bit more or this is a serious piss-take!!

    1. The Sorcerer’s Hat has been complained about since it was built, this outcry today is literally the first-ever outcry of support for this icon ever.

      1. It’s kind of silly to think people would have an outcry of support for something before the first initial announcement that it would be removed. That. Wing said, I don’t care k e way or another. Amusement parks have to adapt and change to keep the parks fresh for returning customers. Also, it gives you that feeling of nostalgia knowing that you were there for something that future generations won’t be able to enjoy / see.

  10. Saw the paperwork for this removal (and the removal of the Epcot wand) in 2006. Took them long enough to get the job done.

  11. Relocate it, keep it somewhere visible while you reimagine a new central hub! Some of us love the iconic Sorcerer’s hat!

    1. Starbucks is tentatively set to open @ Hollywood in early January, so they’re not taking the hat down to put a Starbucks in so you can relax.

      1. If Starbucks(American) is to be part of the landscape I think Tim Horton’s(Canadian) should get equal space.

        1. I think there should be a Tim Hortons in the Canada pavillion at Epcot, more canadian then anything else there.

  12. Loved the hat but I’m not too sad to see it go. While the earful tower was the original landmark piece for the park, I think disney imaginears (spell check) can think of something better to put there as a center monument.

  13. Move over to the entrance of Fantasmic..Have people enter the theater under it.. It’s a perfect fit. After all, it is the hat Mickey wears in the show and in the Sorcerer’s apprentice.

  14. I’m just worried about what they will put there In its place. I’m betting either something marvel or *shudder* Star Wars.

  15. When we were there last month, we didn’t really see much of the hate walking in as it was blocked by the stage from Frozen Summer Fun. A lot of times, the stages blocked the hat so I’m not sad that it went but just wised I saw the hat one last time.

  16. It’s about time. I understand that they wanted a NEW Disney themed icon…but it blocks the Grohman’s Chinese theater (home of the great movie ride) which was the original icon for Disney MGM Studios (which my children say is still the correct name for the park). I don’t mind the hat but NOT where it is.

    1. That was the point of the hat to block grohman’s Chinese theater because disney no longer had right to use so the theater or to sell stuff from the movie so they covered it up with the hat so they will take it out to along with the hat

  17. I like the hat….but PLEASE do not put anything FROZEN there!!! They’ve already closed Norway’s “Maelstrom”, which shows a little history/cultural aspect of a country, to be replaced with a cartoon theme. I love WDW and visit yearly, but if each park is going to be redesigned to be FROZEN I may have to vacation elsewhere else


  18. Why is there so much hate for the hat? I loved it! It was one of my favorite places to work when I was doing my prison term aka college program.

  19. Count me as another fan of Walt Disney World who likes the hat. Sorry to not fit the narrative, Mr. Corless.

  20. Boo! I love the Hollywood studios hat and the “original” Backlot tour! Please no more Frozen Disney needs to “let IT go!”

  21. Glad they are taking it down. Promoting sorcery/occult/witchcraft to children is not cool.

  22. I liked it, but it’s the change that will have us all happy or disappointed, so time will def tell! I think all the parks need a focal point that takes your breath away a little, so I’m thinking they came up with an awesome, even bigger, more magical idea that will make us understand why they wanted to remove it. It’s rare for them to drop the ball, just stinks if you go when nothings there in the meantime but construction, but great that they always want to keep surprising us too!

  23. About time! The hat is a terrible icon. It doesn’t represent what the parks about. It blocks another icon/structure and it doesn’t fit in with the era of Hollywood blvd. Defend it if you must cause it’s “oooh, big and shiny” but from a design standpoint it’s a terrible icon. I liked it when it was supposed to be a temporary celebration icon. I don’t like it as a 14 year long icon for the park. Oh and before you take me up on the whole “It doesn’t represent what the parks about” consider this, yes, it’s based on a movie but that would justify anything being there. How about a big indy whip? It’s a movie! also people have said “but Josh, it’s Mickey. This is Disney. Clearly it fits” Ok, then with that logic lets put a hat in all the Disney parks! EPCOT, big hat! DAK, big hat! They are all Disney right? Sorry, ranting. Just will be happy when this is finally gone.

    1. Agreed, Josh. See my comment from the previous article about the closing of the Jack Sparrow attraction.

  24. Sad to see the hat go but oh well. My vote is Star Wars themed like a big vader helmet. You don’t know the power of the dark side

  25. I also consider it the icon of hollywood studios, since it was put there before my first trip. Though I do agree that it was always out of place and didn’t make much sense… It seems like they would add a new icon before taking this one down / do it at the same time?

  26. Magical World of Disney … whatever you/they do let it be MAGICAL …not toooooo commercial/consumer

  27. I’ve been going to disney since 99 (I was one) I don’t remember the park without the hat. So to me the hat is like cinderellas castle or the Epcot ball. Also to everyone 17 and under idk how there going to do that

  28. I loved the hat and what it represented – seriously! Was just there 2 weeks ago, and very thankful I took pictures in front of it. Really HATE to see it go.

  29. This is sad I remember myself taking selfies infront of the hat if they get rid of it I will go up to guest relations and punch one in the face

  30. And I can’t stand great movie ride going away that was my favorite ride in Hollywood studios (MGM studios)

  31. If it is going away for some stupid frozen I’ll be annoyed disney has to let it go I love frozen but there’s to much frozen now let it go disney

  32. The biggest problem with the hat, is it was right in the middle of the hub, not the back of the hub (where the Theater stand). Thus, whenever they put up a stage (Which was often), the crowd was pushed back into the trees, which ruined the view. If the stage was right in front of the theater, it would greatly increase capacity for any event in the hub. Logistically it just didn’t work. Plus, it is the only icon that does not have some sort of attraction or restaurant in it (That hat shop doesn’t count), rendering it useless.

  33. I’ve got a song the hat was nice on disneys mgm tonight disney didn’t get rid of it a sorcerer hat that was cool and everyone took selfies mickey casted a spell. That made them get RID OF IT please be good and don’t do it conceal don’t feel the need to get rid of ittttt. don’t GET RID OF ITTT we’ll they’re going tooooooo get it out get it out get the idea out of you’re head! Get it out get it out it was a awesome hattt we will care if you get rid of that hat let the idea stop! The hat never botherd me anyway! We all used to love the hat it made the park more awesome I was once calm with all the renovations you are doing now I’m furious it’s time to see if you want to get killed let the idea go let it gooo and we are all very angry just get it out of your head here we stand with the hat let the idea stop! Your guest will leave if you get rid of the hatttt! I’m very angry right now we are all too we will never go back if you gt rid of that hattttttt let the idea goo let it go and we are vey unhappy get it out get the idea out you imagineers are not very good we put our foot down in the light of day! Let the idea stoooooooooooooopppppppp the hat never botherd us anyway! Bling. LOL XD hope you likes it reply if you liked it!

  34. Never really knew about the hat til Pandora came out with the Sorcerer’s Hat Charm, which is Gorgeous!!!!!

  35. I’m just created a petition on change and everyone can sign if they want and we need to get the signatures before January 7th.

  36. Seriously..? They want to get rid of that Disney Magic in order to shine light on some stupid Chinese Theatre… I don’t mean to be racist but how the hell does a Chinese theatre highlight the art of Walt Disney? Move the frekin theatre and leave the hat…

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