First Image Of Darth Vader In “Star Wars Rebels” Revealed By Darth Vader Himself

Here is a first look at Darth Vader in the upcoming extended version of Star Wars Rebels: The Movie. What I find most interesting is that it was revealed by David Prowse, the actor who portrayed Darth Vader in the original Star Wars Trilogy.


For decades David Prowse has been considered a “persona non grata” in the Star Wars Universe, and for him to be participating in anything Star Wars related, like this, may mean that maybe he is welcome again. Back when David Prowse was filming The Empire Strikes Back, he apparently let word out in a magazine that Darth Vader was Luke’s father. This did not go over well with George Lucas and ever since then, he has held a grudge against the actor. Prowse has always said that it was taken out of context and it was not intentional. Unfortunately, David Prowse is banned from all official Star Wars Conventions, Darth Vader was portrayed by another actor, Sebastian Shaw, during the scene in Return Of The Jedi when Luke takes Vader’s helmet off and he was not asked to reprise his role as Darth Vader in Revenge Of The Sith. Even though James Earl Jones did an excellent job and will always be known as the iconic voice of Darth Vader, David Prowse will always be Darth Vader to me.

The special extended edition of Star Wars Rebels: The Movie will air on Sunday, October 26th at 7 PM on ABC.

David Prowse As Darth Vader:


For those curious as to how David Prowse would have sounded using his own voice, here is a scene of David Prowse on the set of the original Star Wars reciting his lines as Darth Vader. Kind of funny to hear. George Lucas definitely made the right move by bringing in James Earl Jones to do the voice of Darth Vader.

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    1. I met him at Wonder Con two years ago. Still intimidated by him. I know he has been banned at Star Wars Celebration but not sure how long ago it started. Think it was was in the last few years. He also gets screwed out of any royalties from the movies. Lucas made it so that he would get money annually after the net was calculated, not the gross. So they always do some kind of questionable accounting where every year they declare a net loss after expenses are applied.

  1. Dave Prowse has been at several official Star Wars events, so I’m not sure where your “banned” comment is based from.

    1. Do a search for “David Prowse Banned” and you will find a ton of articles. There is only one official Star Wars Convention and it is Star Wars Celebration. Lucas banned Prowse in July of 2010 form “all” official Star Wars Conventions and events. “Prowse was banned from all official Star Wars conventions in 2010, reportedly due to his leaking of movie plots at the time of filming.”

  2. I had read that the father-son reveal was well protected and since Prowse was not the speaking voice of Vader, he was given a false line to say during shooting. The “I am your father” line was recorded in secret and added well into post production. So I’m not sure how Prowse could have spoiled it.

    1. I think you are right Brian. I know he spilled the beans about something but now thinking about it, I am pretty sure it was that he revealed to a magazine that Vader dies in Jedi. But the way it was done kind of set him up. The reporter said, ” I heard that Vader dies in the next movie.” And Prowse replied, ” Vader dies?” Then they went with the headline Darth Vader says, “Vader Dies!” Lucas found out and was pissed off. Originally Prowse was supposed to be on screen when Luke took off Vader’s helmet, but Lucas filmed it with another actor without telling Prowse.

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